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Caregiving in Detroit, MI

Caregiving is a big responsibility that comes with a lot of ups and downs, especially if this is your first time. It can feel like you have to do everything yourself, which is the fastest way to burn yourself out. To avoid that and other common problems with caregiving, you can to turn to one of the many resources that Detroit has to offer you. Whether you need a little help every day or a break from your duties every once in awhile, you can find something to fit your needs.

Just a little break

Taking a little break from caregiving, even if it’s just a few hours a week, can mean the difference between burning out fast and being able to provide constant and energized care to your loved one. Here are a few options if you need a rest but still want to make sure your family member is cared for.

Adult Day Care: There are day care programs for seniors that give them a place to go where they are supervised. This can give their caregivers a break or allow them to do things like go to an appointment or run a few errands. Not only will they get supervision, they will get the chance to socialize with their peers as well as take part in classes and other mentally stimulating activities.

In Detroit, you can find programs like those at Precise Home Health Care that offer computer workshops, beauty salons, therapeutic exercises, hot meals, and health wellness checks. Precise Home Health Care also accepts Medicaid, and you can contact them to see if they accept VA benefits as well because these programs can cost around $69 per day.

In-Home and Residential Respite Care: If it isn’t possible for your loved one to leave the house and you need to leave them to take care of tasks, you can turn to respite care. While these options can be a little more expensive, you can rest assured that your loved one is well taken care of. In-home respite care has a health aide or nurse come to your house to provide care while you run errands or even work around the home. This service can cost anywhere from $15 to $28 per hour.

Residential respite care is another option if you need to be away for a longer period of time or if your family member has just experienced an illness or surgery that requires more intense medical attention. You can search the Detroit Area Agency on Aging for reputable facilities in your area or look to for peer-reviewed options.

Concierge Services: Maybe you don’t need help with providing care but you do need help with other things around the house. If you find that you don’t have time to keep up with house cleaning, picking up groceries, or walking the dog, concierge services can help you out. These services can take care of various errands that you need to accomplish so you can focus on being a caregiver.

Places like Phenomenal Concierge Services located in Detroit can help you run your errands and they even offer senior-specific services like medication reminders or prescription refills. Services like these are usually charged per hour and can range from $25 to $85 depending on the task.

Support when you need it

Caregiving is a tough job that can take a mental and physical toll and if you try to do it all alone you’re putting yourself at a real risk of experiencing burnout. While it’s important to take breaks when you need them, it’s equally as important to make sure you have a good support system that can help you through the tough times. That could be a friend who has gone through the same thing or a support group that you meet with once a week. Either way, Detroit has plenty of options.

Caregiver Action Network is an online resource that can help you learn more about caregiving responsibilities, connect with other caregivers, and read tips on how to handle everything. They have a family caregiver toolbox that will help you learn everything you need to know about the caregiving process.

You can also check out the National Alliance for Caregiving which can provide you with valuable information and statistics about caregiving. If you want to find a local support group that is in your area, there is a list here that you can search.

The Alzheimer’s Association has a local chapter in the Detroit area that can connect you with support groups specifically for Alzheimer’s disease. Both you and the person you care for can go to these meetings to find the support and information you need during this time.

New care plans

As you go along with your caregiving, there might come a time when you realize you can’t provide the care that’s needed. This could be because of the progression of a disease or illness, a job relocation, or a new baby in the house. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you find a new care plan so your loved one is cared for.

This transitional time can be difficult and you might not know whether to place your family member in a nursing facility or hire a full-time in-home caregiver. Geriatric managers can be a big help during this time because they know the ins and outs of the industry and will put you and your family’s needs first. Eldercare Solutions of Michigan can provide you with a care manager that will assess your loved one’s needs, find the right care plan for their needs and budget, and help everything run smoothly.

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