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Medicare in Denver

If you’re 65 or older, the chances are great that even if you aren’t using Medicare benefits, you have at least heard about it. If you still aren’t entirely sure what Medicare covers or what you have to do to get Medicare then this guide is for you. There are resources located right here in Denver as well as online to help you learn about your coverage and even find approved doctors or care in your area.

Quick Summary Of Medicare

Medicare is a health care plan, funded by the federal government and only for seniors 65 and older or certain younger people with disabilities. You can get benefits through four different parts and even customize your plan to fit your needs.

Part A covers hospital insurance. Anytime you stay at a hospital or approved skilled nursing facility, this will be covered under Part A. It will also help with hospice care and some home health care options.

Part B covers medical insurance. When you go to the doctor or get any type of outpatient or preventative care, this will be covered under Part B. It can also help with the cost of medical supplies.

Part C is a plan that allows you to customize your care. It’s called Medicare Advantage Plan and allows private companies to cover benefits in Part A and B while also offering their own prescription drug coverage.

Part D is additional prescription coverage that can be added on to Part A and B.

Medicare Facts In Denver County

The average age of beneficiaries in Denver county is 70.

In 2014, Denver County spent about $9,281 which is slightly lower than the national average of $9,501.

There are more women (52.7%) than men (47.3%) using Medicare in Denver County.

Inpatient care costs account for almost half (42%) of total Medicare spending in the county.

Beneficiaries living in Colorado currently have the highest relative rates of depression, schizophrenia, and hepatitis.

Denver Medicare Offices

Colorado is a part of region 8 for Medicare services and Denver is the location of the regional office for this area. You can go here to get help with not only Medicare but Medicaid and Social Security information as well. Office of the Regional Administrator 1961 Stout St., Room 08-148 Denver, CO 80294

The Denver Human Services Department can also help you with Medicare questions and concerns and you can find applications and other resources at any one of their offices or online.

Main Office 1200 Federal Boulevard Denver, CO 80204

East Office 3815 Steele St. Denver, CO 80205

Montbello Office 4685 Peoria Street Denver, CO 80239

You can also find useful information online at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as well as

Looking For Physicians In Denver

You don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for Medicare-approved doctors in the Denver area, if you use the Medicare’s Physician Compare tool. You can use this search engine to find care in your area that will accept your Medicare benefits. For example, you can search for geriatric medicine and it will come back and show that there are 26 professionals within 10 miles of Denver.

You can even refine your search to specific doctors or group practices as well as particular health issues. You can use this tool to also see what kind of Medicare each doctor accepts as well as where they are located.

If you want to search more health care options you can use Medicare’s other find and compare tools . This allows you to search for hospitals, health and drug plans, nursing homes, and much more that will meet your benefits coverage.

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