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Medicaid in Denver

As you enter your retirement years, long-term care becomes more of a reality as well as the cost of that care. You may have started to explore your options and perhaps Medicaid has come up once or twice. Medicaid provides health care and benefits for many low-income families and individuals and can get you access to things like adult day care programs and hospice care. If you’re in Denver, there are plenty of resources to get you started on your application and begin receiving coverage as soon as possible.

Who Gets Medicaid Coverage in Colorado?

Because Medicaid is for low-income families, you will have to meet certain income level requirements as well as show that you have no large assets in your possession minus things like your car or house. For seniors, you also have to be 65 years old or have a disability that requires care for more than a year. Finally, you need to be a resident of Colorado as well as a U.S. citizen or qualifying non-citizen.

How Do I Apply for Medicaid in Denver?

There are four different ways that you can apply for Medicaid here in Denver. The best option is to do everything online as this will get your application sent in faster and allow you to take advantage of the benefits sooner. All you have to do is go to Colorado Peak and find out if you meet the requirements and fill out your application. If you don’t have access to a computer or the internet but still want to complete your application online, you can go to the Denver Public Library to get free access to computers, the internet, and other services like printing.

You also have the option to mail in your application by printing out this form and sending it to your local county office. You can apply by phone as well by calling (800) 221-3943. If you would rather complete your application in person, you can go to your local county office and the employees there can assist you. If you need any help during your application, you can go to one of these locations around the Denver area:

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing- 1570 Grant St. (303) 866-2993 Denver Human Services- 1200 Federal Blvd. (720) 944-3666 Adams County Human Services Department- 7190 Colorado Blvd. (303) 227-2700

What Is Covered Under Colorado Medicaid?

With Medicaid you can get services like lab tests, doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and emergency care just like any other insurance plan. If you’re a senior on Medicaid you have even more services that include things like in-home health care, nursing home stays, and programs like adult day care or mental health screenings.

Colorado also has a program geared specifically towards seniors called Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). Under PACE, you can get a variety of services geared towards long-term care at no extra cost to you, but there are a few requirements that you have to meet. You can also get access to different waivers for even more services.

Transportation for Seniors in Denver

The Area Agency of Aging in Denver has created a list of all the different kinds of transportation services that are available to seniors. If you don’t have a car or can’t drive but need to get to an appointment, you can use one of these services often at a discounted rate or for free.

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