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How to Get Around Denver Without Driving

When you live in a city of Denver’s size, the places you want to visit are typically spread out. This can make it hard to get around, if you do not have a vehicle or cannot drive safely. Fortunately, there is a wide array of transportation alternatives to choose from. You will have no problem getting from point A to point B with Denver’s senior care services, taxi companies, service organizations, and public transit.


The Regional Transportation District (RTD) currently runs over 1,000 buses serving more than 10,000 bus stops in 38 municipal jurisdictions in eight counties near the Boulder and Denver metropolitan areas. Plus, there are seven rail lines serving 44 stations. Older adults aged 65 years or older get a 50 percent fare reduction on all RTD rides. All you need to do is present your valid government-issued photo ID card when you want to go for a ride. RTD is also dedicated to providing fully accessible rail and bus services to all members of the Denver community.

Cab Services

Whether you need to make a doctor’s appointment or just want to run some errands, there are several taxi companies available in Denver to get you there. You can make reservations in advance over the Internet or on your phone with all of Denver’s licensed taxi companies, like Metro Taxi, Summit Express, and Union Taxi. You can also prepay for rides with some taxi companies if you are interested in hiring a professional door-to-door service for a senior in your life.

Senior Care Ride Services

Several home care companies in Denver offer transportation to perform errands as part of their menu of services. Some of the organizations that advertise their transportation services online include Extended Family Home Care, Visiting Angels, and Comfortable At Home Senior Care. Golden agers should consider this solution because you can make all the stops you need along the way, you can get companionship and help while shopping, you can ride in your caregiver’s car or take your own, and you will likely know your driver since it is usually also your caregiver.

Ride-Sharing Companies

Denver has both of the biggest rideshare businesses, Lyft and Uber, operating within its borders. This makes it simple to get transportation when you need it, get door-to-door aid, and to schedule rides in advance. If you are smartphone-savvy or have friends to help you, this is an excellent solution. However, you do need to be aware of how the pricing works. For instance, during certain peak hours, such as rush hour, there is a “pricing surge” that can increase fares dramatically.

Personalized Services that Find Your Ideal Transportation

The Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC) offers convenient ways to learn more about transportation resources in the Denver area. Their Transportation Information & Assistance Center supplies callers with an in-depth consultation to assist in determining their ride needs and connecting them with the appropriate resources. You can reach DRMAC at (303) 243-3113.

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