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Financial Assistance for Denver Seniors

Living in Denver definitely has its perks, but with the cost of living getting higher, it can be challenging to afford monthly necessities if you're a senior on a fixed income. If you or a loved one in the area are having trouble paying all of your bills, consider contacting one of the many Denver-area agencies and not-for-profits that can offer assistance. Here we’ll give you some helpful pointers and links to organizations that help with the cost of food, housing, home maintenance, utilities, companionship, case management, senior transportation, and more.

Hot meals delivered to your home and grocery subsidies

TLC Meals on Wheels operates locally in Denver and delivers over 400 hot meals per day directly to the doors of seniors in the area who are unable to prepare one for themselves. The program costs around $4 per day, and there are discounts and subsidies available for those in need. The Denver Area Agency on Aging also lists other Meals on Wheels providers in the surrounding area on their website.

Assistance is also available to seniors who qualify through the Colorado Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that covers some or all of the cost of your monthly groceries. The program was previously called the food stamp program and offers benefits to those in need who apply online or in person for help. While you’re waiting for your benefits to be approved, you can ask for help from area food bank resources specifically for seniors like Senior Support Services, the Senior Assistance Center, or you can contact the Denver Hunger Free Hotline at (720) 382-2920.

Help with housing, needed maintenance, utilities, and weatherization

Seniors who own their home may find that they need help with maintenance, or improvements done to allow them to continue living there safely. Brothers Redevelopment is one of several Denver-based businesses who specialize in helping low-income seniors maintain their home and make needed renovations, like replacing a roof or adding a wheelchair ramp, for low or no cost.

If your heating bill is putting a strain on your monthly budget, you can apply for help from the Denver Low Income Energy Assistance Program. The program grants subsidies based on the number of people in the household and energy consumption in both rental and owned properties. You may also be eligible for assistance from the Energy Resource Center. They offer free home consultations to help your home be more energy efficient, weatherization services, and can offer additional subsidies to help pay for monthly utility bills.

Seniors in need of subsidized housing can look for options and apply for assistance online. Many government-sponsored programs have a long waiting list, so it is smart to also research area options run by nonprofits, like The Argyle, as they may offer sliding scale rates based on a senior’s income.

Find friendly faces and catch a ride

Seniors in Denver also have access to programs that offer socialization opportunities, local transportation, and organizations that will help with your benefits applications, all for low or no cost. For social activities, visit one of the over three dozen area senior centers where you’ll have a chance to participate in activities, games, crafts, and field trips to local attractions. Many senior centers will offer transportation to and from the center, and services may include a hot daily meal while you’re on-site. Homebound seniors can request senior companion services provided by local agencies or nonprofits. Depending on your needs, companions can keep you company during the day and do things like read, help you write letters, or even just be there to chat with.

For additional resources in Denver, visit the Denver Regional Area Agency on Aging website.

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