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Denver Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

If you are choosing Denver for your retirement dreams, then you are not alone. There are thousands of people that visit Denver every year and fall in love with it. If you are lucky enough to retire in the mile high city, then you might find that you have some hours to fill with things you enjoy. By volunteering, you can get out and meet a lot of new friends and immerse yourself in the community around you.

There are a lot of volunteer opportunities out there that are easy to get involved with. Requirements will vary based on the type of position you desire, but it is safe to say that as long as you can pass a basic background check, there are thousands of different things you can do to help others.

Many nonprofits have positions that are suitable for people of all ability and commitment levels. Be aware before you sign-up that there may be a minimum number of volunteer hours that you will be required to complete throughout the year.

Food Bank Rockies

Hunger is an unfortunate problem that resonates throughout a community. You can help by volunteering to put together food boxes, help with deliveries, assist with donation and fundraiser drives, or conduct other special events. Food Bank Rockies has some innovative ways to facilitate volunteers and donation drives. For example, you can host a virtual food drive. This is something even those that have a hard time with mobility or standing can do whenever they have a few moments to spare.

United Way Denver

If you have ever worked with United Way in the past, then you likely know that it is a great organization to work for. Those that have never worked with United Way will be pleased to know that there are a lot of different ways to help people in their community. You may find yourself tutoring or mentoring at risk youth or working at a garden.

City And County Of Denver

Keeping Denver beautiful and a great place to live and retire is easier when there is a task force of volunteers. One popular way to volunteer is to get a group together and Adopt-A-Spot. This means your group is responsible for keeping a particular area clean. If you have a spot in mind that you think needs help, then contact them. If not, then they can help you find a spot to manage.

The public library and parks and recreation department also need volunteers for educating others, hosting special events, shelving books, and more. Of course, there is the Denver Zoo for those that love animals, and want to educate others about wildlife and the world around them.

The American Red Cross

Red Cross needs volunteers for blood drives, other fundraisers, and general clerical work. Other positions that are more involved may require special qualifications. All volunteers take an orientation class and are eligible for an online profile so they can manage what projects they want to work on and more. During disasters or emergencies, there is an even higher demand for help.

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