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Denver Veterans Benefits

To assist those who have given their time to the military, there are certain benefits and services available to vets once they return home. Whether veterans in Denver need help finding medical care, assistance with purchasing a home, or finding placement for a job or education program, there are organizations available to walk them through the process.

Here are just a few of the Denver veterans benefits available throughout the area.

Denver Health Benefits for Veterans

Although not all veterans choose to take advantage of the medical benefits offered to them, anyone who has served with the military is entitled to VA healthcare benefits assuming that their discharge was not dishonorable. The VA uses groupings to determine priority when it comes to things like medical treatment.

For medical services, vets in Denver can turn to the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System, which is located in Denver at 1055 Clermont Street. The VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System can provide health services to vets of any age, including audiology services and surgical services.

Older vets can receive additional treatments from the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System, like caregiver or hospice services. The VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System also has a Medical Foster Home that acts as a replacement for a standard nursing home for vets.

Denver Housing Benefits for Veterans

Housing needs for veterans can look very different. Whether you are a veteran looking for assistance purchasing your own home or you are struggling with homelessness, there are a number of benefits available and organizations to help you discover what to apply for.

The Denver Regional Loan Center of the VA’s Denver Regional Benefit Office can help veterans receive mortgage loans by guaranteeing a portion of the money. They can also help vets if they are facing foreclosure on their home or need real estate referrals for finding a new place to live.

The Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs also has a number of resources for veterans looking to secure their own home and for those struggling with homelessness. They can introduce local vets to new programs or organizations that can take them further in the process.

Other Denver Benefits for Veterans

Veterans in Denver can also receive a number of other benefits to aid in making their lives a bit smoother once they return home. The go-to resource for veterans in the Denver area is the Denver Regional Benefit Office.

The Denver Regional Benefit Office offers a variety of services, including:

Assistance determining which benefits they qualify for and how they should apply

Materials about VA sponsored health care services

Help applying for housing grants and loans

Public affairs

Outreach programs to assist homeless veterans

Additional benefits can be found from the Denver County Veterans Services. At the Denver County Veterans Services Office, local vets can receive a number of benefits, housing and shelter services, education and training, legal services, counseling and mental health services, direct job referrals, transportation assistance, resume development, and more.

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