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Denver Neighborhood Guide

The majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains makes for a backdrop for the perfect retirement. Denver boasts a vibrant tourist economy, sports, and a great sense of community. Denver's high elevation and clean air make it a healthful choice for seniors.


Berkeley Lake, Cesar Chavez and Rocky Mountain Lake are all amazing public parks you will find in this neighborhood. Berkely Lake is a popular place to take a jog or stroll with a friend. Tennyson Street offers great shopping for those that are not a fan of big shopping malls or chain stores. Friday Art Walks are a bit hit with locals and a great way to meet your neighbors.

Golden Triangle

If you are looking for a community where it is easy to get around, then the Golden Triangle has a lot to offer. You have easy access to the main branch of the Denver Public Library, abundant walking trails, and the Denver Art Museum. The diversity of dining options is impressive with a selection of organic fare and ethnic cuisine. Cuba Cuba is a popular dining choice.

Platte Park

This is another quiet neighborhood with a lot of outdoor recreational opportunities on hand. New construction is mixed in with older farmhouses and bungalows. This neighborhood is close to downtown Denver and many amenities, but is less expensive than Washington Park. Antique stores, shops, and dining are just a short walk or ride away. Swallow Hill Music Hall is a great place to take a music class or see a concert.

Santa Fe Arts Neighborhood

If you like the arts then this is a neighborhood where you will be spending a lot of time. With a ton of galleries and places to eat, it is easy to spend a lot of time in this neighborhood. Fun coffeehouses with performances offer regular entertainment and culture.

University Park

Located near the University of Denver, this neighborhood offers a lot of traditional Craftsman Style homes. Many of the bungalows were constructed from Sears & Roebuck kits in the 1920s and 1930s. Observatory Park offers a working observatory you can visit.

This is a quiet neighborhood of professionals and families. The park also offers fields for baseball as well as tennis and volleyball courts. It is a great place to catch up with your neighbors or just enjoy a beautiful day.

Uniquely Denver

The climate in Denver is important to consider. While plenty of people enjoy the snow and activities that go along with it, the weather can also mean that you should enjoy some indoor hobbies and activities as well. Fitness facilities throughout Denver offer a lot of classes and companionship when you want to stay indoors.

A great public transportation system is a big part of the Denver way of life. Numerous bicycle and walking trails allow for exercise and easy access to a lot of amenities. If you get tired of walking you can always just catch the bus at one of the numerous stops.

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