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Denver Hospitals

For some, aging can bring on new health challenges, which your regular doctor may not be able to give you the specialized care that you need. Seniors age 65 or older should consider seeking the care of a geriatric physician because these doctors understand senior health and are highly trained in this type of care.

There are hospitals and doctors right here in Denver that specialize in geriatrics and a few of them are nationally rated as some of the best hospitals. These facilities offer doctors, nurses, and services that are geared specifically to seniors and their health needs. Here are a few places you can go to in Denver that can connect you to the resources you need.

Denver-based Hospitals Offering Senior Services

You don’t have to go too far to find excellent senior care here in Denver. US News and World Report has ranked over 5,000 hospitals across the country for each major city and here in the Denver metro area, the number one hospital is the University of Colorado Hospital. This hospital also happens to be the top hospital in the state and they have been nationally ranked in eleven adult specialties including their geriatrics department, which comes in at number forty-three in the nation.

The University of Colorado Hospital also has the number two pulmonology department in the country and their cancer, cardiology, diabetes, and nephrology departments are also ranked. They have gotten high performance reviews for COPD, heart failure, heart bypass surgery, and hip replacement. They have a full range of senior services as well as two senior clinics, which focus only on senior health.

Porter Adventist Hospital is ranked at number two in both Colorado and the Denver metro area. They have high performance ratings in their geriatrics department as well as in gastroenterology, GI surgery, nephrology, orthopedics, and urology. They are also at the top for COPD, heart failure, and knee replacement surgery. They also have an excellent stroke program and cancer center.

Sky Ridge Medical Center is located 14 miles out of Denver in Lone Tree and has been ranked as the number three hospital in the Denver metro area and the number four hospital in Colorado. It has high performing gastroenterology, GI surgery, and orthopedics programs and gotten high marks in dealing with heart failure. They have a stroke care program, wound care, diabetes management, and many more services.

Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center has been ranked at number five in the Denver metro area and number ten in Colorado. Their nephrology department has gotten high performance ratings and their geriatric department has a higher than expected survival rate for those 75 and older as well as a large nursing staff. There is a wide range of services available including stroke care, wound care, and therapy care.

St. Joseph Hospital has a much higher than expected survival rate for patients 75 and older as well as a high balance of nurses and senior services.

Geriatric Physicians In The Denver Area

Equally as important as finding a good hospital or medical facility is finding a geriatric physician. If you have a primary care doctor already, you can ask for some recommendations from them as well as trusted family or friends in your area. Healthy in Aging was created by the American Geriatrics Society and they have a geriatric physician locator that you can use to search your area. US News and World Report also has a doctor finder you can use.

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