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Denver Funeral Homes

A reputable funeral service provider is essential to help you effectively plan funeral arrangements for the purpose of laying a loved one to rest and honoring the memory of their life in passing. This guide offers some suggestions and tips to help you find a good service provider and what to look for while you shop and compare options and prices. Guidelines that protect consumers’ funeral rights under the FTC Funeral Rule are included.

The Many Ways the FTC Funeral Rule Protects Consumers

Federal laws contained within the Federal Trade Commission’s FTC Funeral Rule protect consumers so they can make an informed choice without pressure when selecting a funeral service provider. The regulations outlined by the FTC govern the manner in which funeral homes and similar providers engage in business practices and sell services to the public. A few of the FTC Funeral Rules include:

Funeral service providers must respect the right of consumers to comparison shop, ask for, and receive information about services without sharing personal information such as their names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Consumers have the right to buy only those services they want and do not have to pay for expensive funeral service package deals.

Funeral homes must provide General Price Lists (GPL) that detail all available services and features to consumers visiting their business.

A funeral home may not charge consumers an extra fee to handle a casket or urn that they purchased elsewhere.

Helpful Tips for Finding a Funeral Home

Digital Memorial maintains a nationwide network of online services to help you find the right funeral home. Some of the resources offered include bereavement travel services, a compassion helpline, and a personal planning guide to help you get everything in order while you organize the arrangements. You can use their search tool with a zip code or city to locate funeral service providers in the Denver area, which include Olinger Woods Chapel and Olinger Moore Howard Chapel.

Additional funeral planning tips and suggestions posted on the website of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) include information about different types of funerals and buying a cemetery plot. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another resource you many want to explore. The BBB has an online directory that lists funeral homes within the Denver area.

How to Save Money and Budget for Funeral Expenses

Creative ways to save money on funeral services include using the same strategy for everyday shopping—only buy what you need. Budgeting is always the best policy when it comes down to cutting costs and purchasing just the necessities. You can still honor the passing of loved one with a nice funeral arrangement, but expensive extras are not needed and cost more to include.

Print out the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) funeral pricing checklist and use it as a guide to help you narrow down your funeral arrangement service options. The format of the checklist is similar to a shopping list that you bring with you for trips to the grocery store. The checklist is an excellent resource that highlights available choices, so you can more easily see what you need and what you can save money on by not purchasing.

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