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Denver End-of-Life Care

Most, if not all families struggle emotionally in seeing someone through the end stages of life, even though death is a normal progression of life. Everyone in their own time, each person begins to accept that their loved one’s passing is inevitable and they move to acceptance. In addition to dealing with strong emotions during a difficult time, families also need to prepare for the physical changes that often accompany the end of life stage. Hospice workers will explain the physical changes and keep the focus on the relationships.

Hospice services can help families understand some of the common physical changes in their loved ones, such as food and fluid decreases, decreased socialization, disruptive sleep patterns, restlessness, disorientation, incontinence, urine decrease, labored breathing patterns, congestion, and changes in skin color. Knowing that these changes are normal during this stage of life goes a long way towards helping families understand and accept this difficult stage.

Denver residents will find resources for palliative care and hospice care plentiful in and around their beautiful city. Here is more information about some of them:

The Colorado Center for Hospice and Palliative Care

Formerly known as the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of the Rockies, the Colorado Center for Hospice and Palliative Care (COCHPC) works to increase Colorado residents’ access to the highest quality of care for patients who live with life-limiting illnesses and their families. The ultimate end-goal is for Colorado residents to have health and wellness at the end of their lives or during serious illness so that they don’t suffer unnecessarily.

COHPC services public, private, and nonprofit entities for every demographic of the population that resides in Colorado. This expansive network ensures that residents of Colorado will be able to access information and services related to palliative care and hospice care when they need it most.

The Denver Hospice

More than 70,000 patients and their family members have turned to the The Denver Hospice during a time when they needed hospice or palliative care. The Denver Hospice Center was founded 37 years ago and strives to continue its reputation, for being a leader in hospice and palliative care. Their staff includes highly-skilled medical experts across many medical disciplines. Their reputation is notable for having the best, board-certified palliative care physicians and nurses in the medical field.

The Denver Hospice provides around-the-clock services for the elderly at the end of their lives and patients of all ages who live with serious or advanced illnesses. Their services offer comfort to patients who choose to fight their illnesses. They also provide grief counseling to families and friends of all of their patients.

Five-Star Rated In-Home Healthcare Providers in Denver

Individuals and family members who need in-home assistance will find many smaller in-home providers in the Denver area, in addition to The Denver Hospice. In-home providers can be used on their own or in conjunction with other hospice and caregiving services.

Consumers may see a listing of Denver in-home care providers that consumers rated with five stars at Take a look at the following listings:

Home Instead Senior Care All the Comfort of Home Maxim Healthcare Temure, Inc.

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