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Denver Demographics And Lifestyle

This mile-high city is amazing not just because of its incredible view of the mountains, the beautiful skyline, or the remarkable tourist attraction sites; it is amazing because of its blend of diverse people who reside in this city. Here is more of what to expect from this city regarding its people, its climate, and the wildlife.

A Picture Of The Denverites

Denver is a city that has a population of approximately 682,545 people, with each gender holding 50% of the population. 80.7% of all Denverites are white, making them the overwhelming majority. Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and Alaska and American Indian Natives make up 30%, 10.2%, 3.8%, and 2% respectively. The excess in percentage accounts for those people who fall into several categories. 20.9% of the population is made up of residents below the age of 20, whereas the persons above 65 years make up 10.9% of the population.

People who have moved to Denver from another state or country account for 16% of the population, which is enhancing Denver's economy. The major industries in Denver include Aerospace, Telecommunications, and Technology.

Denver's Climate And Forces Of Nature

The climate in Denver is enough to make anyone want to move in and choose to live here all the days of his or her life. The precipitation here reaches an average of 15 inches in a year, which is a characteristic of the semi-arid continental climate that Denver experiences.

The winter here is mild, with the daily mean temperature reaching 45°F. However, when it snows throughout late fall through to early spring, there are times when the snow can get to 53.5 inches on average.

Summers are arguably some of the best months in Denver because the humidity during these months is little, and the sun shines the whole day, every day. Temperatures in the summer can reach 90°F, a cool and comfortable temperature that has a lot to do with the altitude of the city. The hottest month here is July.

Locals will once in awhile experience tornadoes that are not too strong, especially during summer and spring. Also, wet weather and hail storm can disrupt airport operations at times.

Denver's Plants And Animals

Being mountainous, the plant life in Denver grows in four different ecological zones. Short grass prairie dominate the plains, the Oak, juniper, and mountain mahogany trees dominate the foothills region, and the coniferous forests dominate the higher zones while sparse vegetation of lichens and mosses dominate the alpine tundra zone. All these vegetation and mountainous areas offer visitors a breath-taking view.

The wildlife in Denver is usually found high-up in the mountains, where there are food and caves for hiding or shelter. Some fantastic attractions here include the deer, mountain goats, the wildcats, the badger, the coyote, the wolf, and the grizzly bear. Game viewing is one of the best pastime activities to engage in while in Denver.

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