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Caregiving in Denver, CO

With the population of the Denver area steadily getting older, there are more and more spouses, adult children and family members who are being thrust into the position of caregiver. Even family caregivers who love their family member they are caring for will need a break from time to time. There are a number of services available and resources that can be accessed for caregivers in Denver. Learning what these are can help ensure that they have the help they need from time to time to get away. Learn about all the different resources that are available for caregivers here.

Taking a Break from Caregiving Duties

Providing care for a senior loved one is a job that demands someone is around 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Due to this huge demand, it can be difficult for a caregiver to find time away. When a caregiver needs to handle things during the week, then using one of the options here can be quite beneficial. It will give them a much-needed break, while ensuring the senior still receives the care they need.

One option is to seek respite care services in Denver. The Colorado Respite Coalition offers a number of options for those who need a break. The CRC offers a group of community partners and families who have joined to help strengthen and preserve families who are caring for seniors who need help. The services offered here are stimulating, interactive, affordable and safe.

Ask family or friends. Request that other family members pitch in to help with the senior who is unable to stay on their own. This is a schedule that can be worked out to provide everyone with a break from caregiving duties.

Adult day care centers provide a place with an elderly person who cannot stay alone but can interact with others in a safe environment. Most locations offer planned activities, art, and music. In many cases, meals and transportation are provided, as well.

In many cases, it will be essential to consider the resources the person financially responsible has to pay for caregiving services. In most cases, a senior’s insurance will not cover this type of care, but it may be worth calling and verifying this fact.

Support for Caregivers in the Local Community

In addition to finding help for various services that can provide respite care, it may also be beneficial to find support groups and counseling in the community. These will help a caregiver see that they are not alone and that there are others in the community who are facing the same challenges they are on a day-to-day basis.

A trusted organization is the Alzheimer’s Association. Here those who are caring for a senior who is suffering from dementia or another related disorder can find others in the local community who are also facing these challenges.

Another resource that offers support groups for caregivers in the Denver area is Caring Companions. This organization operates from the Northern Colorado Services of Volunteers of America Colorado Branch. Here caregivers can find volunteers who will visit senior family members and provide a break for them.

The Jewish Family Service offers counseling and support groups for caregivers, as well as seniors who are no longer able to live independently.

The Center for Conscious Aging offers a network of professionals who offer counseling, support groups and workshops that assist all caregivers and individuals.

Finding Full-Time Services when Family Caregivers are No Longer Capable

When providing care for a senior loved one, there are times when this type of care is no longer possible. When this occurs, it may be time to look into additional care options. Denver offers quite a few ways to find care for a senior. Factors that need to be considered include whether or not non-medical or medical care is needed and the budget for care that is available.

One option to consider is AARP. Here caregivers can find a number of resources to use when searching for long-term care options.

Another resource that can be quite beneficial is the Colorado Agency on Aging. This service offers resources that can provide assistance and training for caregivers, or help caregivers find the best option for long term care. The best options for many are either a nursing home or an assisted living facility. The care managers at this agency can help to put you in touch with the locations that would be most beneficial for you and your senior loved one.

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