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Social Security for Dayton Seniors

Social Security is something that someone hears about and pays into their entire working life. Upon reaching a certain age, it is time to begin collecting some of the money they deposited into the program. The first step to acquiring these benefits is to contact the local Dayton Social Security office. Here a person can acquire a new card, apply for benefits or handle some other type of issue they may be experiencing. There is one office in this area and several toll-free numbers that can be used, as well as online services to help with the process of getting Social Security benefits.

Dayton SSA Offices to Call On

One of the local Social Security offices for Dayton residents is located at 200 W 2nd Street, in Room 209 of the Federal Building. For those who want to contact the staff by phone, they can call 1-888-329-5724, the TTY number is 1-800-325-0778.

The second office is located at 4375 Hoover Avenue and can be reached by calling 1-800-772-1213. Since there are only two offices located in the city of Dayton, there are some people who find it more convenient to visit offices in a nearby town. Some of the closest SSA offices to consider include:

Lafayette Social Security Office located at 10 S. 2nd St (just 7.01 miles from Dayton) Crawfordsville Social Security Office located at 1515 S Grant Ave (just 25.30 miles from Dayton)

If you are searching for a different location, then you can easily find a location close to you by using the Social Security Office Locator tool that simply requires your zip code.

Senior Social Security Services

When you visit the local office, you can acquire a new card if yours has become damaged or lost and update your personal information. The staff at the offices will help you acquire a new Medicare card as well.

Seniors who are still under the age of 65 and who are currently receiving Social Security benefits can look into the Ticket to Work program offered by the SSA. This provides services that help individuals find work opportunities while still getting their benefits.

Getting Help Online with Social Security Needs

For some, even if they live close to a local SSA office, taking time out of their day to actually go to the office simply is not possible. In order to save a bit of time in regard to travel and time, use the online services offered by the SSA.

Some of the services that you may find beneficial to access online include: Seeing what statements are available from Social Security Applying for benefits Appealing a claim for benefits or follow-up on appeals that have been made Learn if you can begin receiving benefits now Replace your Social Security Card Estimate the benefits you may be able to receive in the future

If you want to keep up with everything going on with your Social Security benefits, it is a good idea to create a My Social Security account so you can view all your personal information.

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