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How to Get Around Dayton Without Driving

When you need to go somewhere in Dayton you probably just hop in your car without a second thought, but for many seniors that isn’t a possibility. A lot of seniors don’t have cars or are no longer able to drive themselves and this can leave them feeling stranded when they have errands to run or appointments to get to. Luckily, Dayton has plenty of transportation options and you can find the service that fits your situation as well as your budget.

Dayton Area Regional Transit Authority

The Dayton RTA is in charge of all the buses that run in the Dayton area as well as the paratransit service. While all buses are wheelchair accessible, the paratransit service has vehicles that are dedicated to helping those with disabilities get to their destination, even if they are not on a fixed bus route. RTA has also recently expanded their paratransit program to include areas that are not within the normal boundaries, but you do have to apply and qualify for these services. Otherwise, seniors 65 and older with a proper ID can ride all buses at a discounted rate.


If you would prefer to ride by yourself or need to go somewhere that is not on a bus route, taxis are a good way to get around. They might be a little more expensive than public transportation although a few services do have a senior discount. Dayton Checker Cab, Dayton Express Cab, and Liberty Cab are a few of the companies in Dayton. If you know you’re going to need a ride, you can call ahead and schedule a pickup time.

Uber: Ride-Sharing Service

Another option that is similar to a taxi is a ride-share service like Uber, which operates in Dayton. Uber also offers door-to-door service and you can arrange a ride no matter what time you need it through their app on your smartphone or by going online. If you don’t have a smartphone but still want to use Uber, a family member can arrange the ride for you. Prices for rides will change throughout the day depending on the demand for rides, so be aware that it could get more expensive during peak travel times.


If you have an in-home caregiver or are considering using one, you may be able to get transportation through them. Many in-home care providers are starting to offer transportation services for appointments or grocery shopping while a few only provide incidental transportation. This can be a good option if you’re worried about riding with a stranger or have an emergency while you’re out. In Dayton, Senior Helpers, Right at Home, and Academy Health Services all offer some type of transportation for their clients.

Additional Senior Transportation

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission has a few resources to help seniors 60 and over find the transportation services they need. The Miami Valley Ride Finder lets seniors specify what kind of trip they need to take like medical or social and then gives them various options near them. Seniors can also get help from volunteer drivers in the Miami Valley area.

MVRPC staff can also give presentations about safe traveling and transportation options to help seniors find the best options for them. If you would like more information about transportation services or want to set up a presentation, you can call 937-223-6323.

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