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How Much Does Dayton In-Home Care Cost?

In-home care is a convenient and affordable alternative to assisted living or nursing care. Instead of moving into a long-term care facility, seniors can schedule a skilled health worker to visit their home on a regular basis. In a 2014 survey, 87% of seniors over the age of 65 said that they would most prefer to receive care services at home. Luckily, Dayton is home to hundreds of home health agencies that offer care for seniors across the city.

In-home care at a glance

Over 4,000 home care workers helped out thousands of Dayton families in 2015.

That year, Dayton area home health aides earned an annual salary of $20,300.

Home health agencies must be certified by the Bureau of Information and Operational Support, under the Ohio Department of Health’s Division of Quality Assurance, in order to participate in the state Medicare or Medicaid program.

Approximately 800 home health agencies are certified by the Department of Health, 85 of which are based out of Montgomery county.

The rates and services offered by Dayton homemaker services

Dayton area homemaker services charged a median rate of $129 per day in 2015, which was the same rate that local seniors paid for assisted living care. While homemaking agencies offer many of the same services that assisted living communities provide, choosing to hire a homemaker allows seniors to remain in the comfort of their own home. Care can be customized and tailored to suit a client’s individual needs, including services such as:

Cooking, cleaning, laundry and other housework

Running errands and providing transportation for seniors with limited mobility

Custodial care, including dressing, bathing and grooming

Medication and appointment reminders

Regular company and socialization

Homemaking services are ideal for seniors that need a hand at home but do not require extensive or skilled care. A homemaker can also help to relieve the stress of an overworked family caregiver.

The rates and services offered by Dayton home health aides

Home health aides provide skilled care for seniors with debilitating or chronic health conditions, and their services cost families less than care in a nursing facility. Dayton area nursing homes charged residents a median daily rate of $250 for a semi-private room and $293 for a private room in 2015, while home health agencies hired aides out for a median price of just $132 per day.

On top of assisting patients with housework and personal care, home health aides are also able to provide medical services. Home health care training programs teach Ohio aides how to keep track of a patient’s vitals, tend to wounds, assist seniors with the use of mobility devices, and much more. Training programs are approved and overseen by the Ohio Department of Aging.

Scheduling in-home care

In-home care can be tailored to suit your lifestyle, whether you need assistance once a day or once a year. Every agency offers different scheduling options for customers, including choices such as:

Respite care services that provide care for brief periods of time while a senior’s primary caregiver is taking a break.

Part-time care, which helps semi-independent seniors handle the daily, weekly or monthly tasks that they have trouble completing.

Full-time care provides supervision during business hours so that family caregivers can hold down a job or care for children during the day.

Live-in care usually requires health workers to take day and night shifts, ensuring that someone is on hand at all hours in case you or your loved one needs assistance.

Finding an in-home care provider

Hiring a care worker directly means that you can pay friends and family caregivers the current market rate, but it also puts you in charge of tax, insurance and payroll responsibilities. Hiring a caregiver through a home health agency can not only save you valuable time, but can also save you frustration come payday or tax season. For more information about a local agency, you can check out ratings with the Better Business Bureau of Dayton and the Miami Valley, talk to friends and family for recommendations, or check out online customer reviews at

Managing in-home care costs

There are many ways that Dayton area seniors can pay for home care, even if they don’t have a healthy income or a padded savings account. Homeowners may be able to take out a reverse mortgage on their house in order to cover care costs while reducing monthly spending. Seniors who don’t own a home or who have limited assets may meet the financial criteria to receive aid through the Florida Medicaid program, while veterans that need government assistance can apply for the VA Aid & Attendance pension. If you are worried about paying for a caregiver in future, you may want to look into long-term care insurance policies that cover in-home care services.

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