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How Much Does Dayton Assisted Living Cost?

Assisted living communities in Dayton are at home in the City of Invention and Innovation. The communities are located in the metropolis and offer many off-site activities to keep one busy.

“Assisted living” refers to those daily tasks that you may need help with, such as light housekeeping, grocery shopping, medication management, laundry, dressing, or bathing. Activities for daily living (ADLs) include those above as well as transportation, hygiene, appointments, and meal prep.

Assisted living can occur at home or in a community atmosphere. Facilities are varied and represent diverse populations, religions, and lifestyles. Make a list of prospective communities and tour each one to find a good fit. Many offer continuum care services which allow you to “age in place” to meet your ever-changing healthcare needs. Communities also offer social engagement and activities to keep your physical and cognitive abilities at optimal levels.

The facilities are available in studio, one and two bedroom apartments, depending on the assisted living facility. In Dayton, they can resemble brick mansions, sprawling ranch-style homes, or small cottages.

Surprising Facts about Assisted Living

There are approximately 625 assisted living facilities in the state.

According to the Ohio Health Care Association, the number of Ohioan seniors age 65 and older will double over the next 20 years and by the year 2040, triple.

The number of Ohioan seniors age 85 and older will quadruple by the year 2050.

Assisted living facilities must meet regulations from the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act, as well as fire and safety regulations.

Assisted Living Prices in Dayton

For those seniors that would rather live at home, you can hire a full-time home health aide for an average of $48,048 per year, according to the 2015 Genworth Cost of Care Survey for Ohio. Interview several companies and confirm their employees are insured and bonded.

Assisted living communities range in price throughout Dayton, but the median monthly rate is $3,936 for a one bedroom, single occupancy unit. This amount is higher than the national average of $3,600 per month and comparable to the state average. The rates are projected to increase by one percent in the next five years as the aging Baby Boomer generation begins entering into the older age group.

Local assisted living facilities range from semi-private units for $1,900 per month to as much as $4,400 per month for a two bedroom apartment.

Reducing Assisted Living Costs in Dayton

You may be able to reduce your cost at an assisted living community by splitting your monthly rate with a roommate, close friend, or family member. It may be cheaper for you to live in a facility that offers many services that would cost you more if itemized. Many communities are located near a shopping area, offer complimentary transportation, and provide on-site beauty salons and barber shops.

You should tour several facilities before choosing one and interview the manager to see what services are included in the fee. Some assisted living communities can provide a sliding-scale monthly rate based on your income.

Resources to Pay for Assisted Living

Ohio’s Medicaid Program offers a waiver to pay for assisted living costs from approved providers, but not room and board. The program is for low-income Ohio residents that meet the medical requirements. Contact your local office for a list of authorized providers and learn what your out-of-pocket cost may entail.

Veterans, age 65 and over, may be eligible for the VA Aid and Attendance benefit. It is estimated that about one-third of the aging American population could qualify for this pension, however only about five percent take advantage of the benefit. If you or your loved one served in the military during war time, you and your spouse may qualify. If you served during World War II, the Korean Conflict, or the Vietnam War, you may be eligible to receive up to $2,121 per month to pay for assisted living. A surviving spouse can receive up to $1,150 per month for care. Contact the Veterans Administration to learn more.

Savings accounts, retirement benefits, IRAs, and other investments can be used to pay for assisted living care. In recent years, reverse mortgages were used to pay for care. Consult an elder-law attorney before taking out the loan to make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions. You are still responsible for the real estate taxes, utilities, and insurance payments. Selling your home or renting it out while you live in an assisted living facility are options to consider.

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