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Financial Assistance for Dayton Seniors

Retirement is a difficult time for many people financially. Without a steady income, you’re relying on your savings to get you through the years ahead. Yet even with proper budgeting and good savings, that money can go quickly – leaving you feeling like you’re running out of options.

If you’re a senior in the Dayton area looking for some financial assistance, here are some of the organizations, agencies, and nonprofits that can help you out.

Dayton Senior Financial Assistance for Meals and Groceries

Food is a necessary expense that can quickly add up, but the problem a lot of senior’s face is not just in affording food but cooking it as well. Since take out is not always healthy and can cost hundreds of dollars each week, the state of Ohio and city of Dayton have a few meal and grocery options for seniors.

First, food pantries are located at various Agency on Aging offices throughout Dayton. If the office does not have a food pantry or the pantry does not have an item that the senior needs, the office can make a referral to another food pantry in the area.

Qualifying seniors can also have meals delivered right to their home. With local Meals on Wheels providers, seniors without the ability to cook for themselves and without the assistance of a friend or family member to cook for them can receive hot meals every day of the week with frozen meals on weekends.

Dayton Senior Financial Assistance for Housing and Maintenance

Rent, mortgages, and utilities can become expensive quickly, making it difficult to pay bills or meet payment due dates. Fortunately for seniors, there are a few programs and plans that can reduce the cost of utility bills or help pay for them:

Home Weatherization Assistance Program: This program provides weatherization services for seniors, protecting their home and lowering energy costs.

Home Energy Assistance Program: Also known as HEAP, this program can help seniors pay for heating and cooling bills and help prevent electricity from being shut off in senior’s homes.

Subsidized Apartments: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development can also provide subsidized housing for seniors in Dayton struggling to pay their rent or find apartments that they can afford.

Dayton Senior Social Activities and Centers

Senior centers in the area are a great way for older individuals to spend their free time, regardless of income level or financial stability. Since senior centers are free to use for people that meet the center’s requirements, a senior center gives older individuals an opportunity to get to know people in the area and engage in some social activities.

Senior centers can also be a great resource for individuals getting ready for retirement. With classes centered around retirement budgeting and other important topics, visiting a senior center can help anyone get on track financially before they decide the time is right to retire.

Senior centers in the Dayton area include the Lathrem Senior Center, the Beavercreek Senior Center, Brookdale Senior Living, and Vandalia Senior Center.

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