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Dayton Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Finding the time to volunteer in retirement is easy. The key is, choosing the right organization that aligns with your interests and passions to have a rewarding volunteer experience. In Dayton, you’ll find many different organizations that would be glad to have your time, experience, and skills to contribute to their mission. If you’re passionate about literacy, learning, pets and animals, and the great outdoors, you’re sure to find a great cause. Here are a few standouts in and around Dayton.

Mentor and teach others in the community

There are over a dozen different volunteer roles available at the Dayton Metro Library. Whether you’re someone who loves peace and quiet and the smell of old books, or you want to get involved tutoring youth or helping a non-native English speaker master the language, there’s a volunteer opportunity for you. Library helpers are matched to positions based on availability and expertise, and may be assigned specialized tasks like the local genealogy project, helping in the computer lab, or delivering books to homebound individuals.

Dayton Public Schools also accepts volunteers both in the classroom and on the campus to help with administrative tasks. Volunteers for the school system need to apply and pass a background check before they will be considered.

If you’re interested in mentoring, contact Montgomery County College Promise. The organization needs volunteers who are available to meet weekly at their mentee’s school to help them improve their grades, move on to higher education, and reduce the risk of dropout. All mentors receive training to assist them with building a successful mentor relationship. Mentors are a friend and sounding board to their mentees, while also providing guidance and being a positive role model.

Help with a furry family

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton is the only shelter in the area that takes in all animals, and they care for over 4,500 dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and other homeless pets every year. Volunteers have the opportunity to work directly with the animals, providing them care and love, as well as helping out around the shelter. An orientation is required of all volunteers.

The Miami Valley Pet Association, located right outside of Dayton in Troy, provides pet-therapy services to a variety of medical facilities including hospitals and senior centers in the area. If you have an obedient pet that you think would be a good fit for the program, you can volunteer to attend one of the twice-annual Pet Therapy Training Courses to get your pet certified to provide therapy at one of the participating area locations.

Nurture nature

At Marianist Environmental Education Center, volunteers with a green thumb help to keep the property beautiful year-round. The large volunteer force at the center contributes over 5,000 hours annually to planting, harvesting, transplanting, maintaining the trails, burning the prairie, and controlling invasive species. Volunteers gather on the first Saturday of the month from February to November to learn techniques and receive assessments for the month.

There is no shortage of organizations that would be grateful for you to volunteer your time to them. No matter where your interests and passions lie, you’ll find a great cause in Dayton.

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