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Dayton Veterans Benefits

In recognition of their service to our country, veterans receive a broad range of benefits. The only thing is that it is often times difficult to access these benefits. Thankfully, vets in the Dayton area have several local resources to assist them in going through the process of identifying job search programs, housing services, and healthcare benefits, such as mental health and substance abuse programs.

Dayton-Area Vet Health Benefit Programs

Are you aware that you qualify for healthcare benefits through the Veterans Administration? Any vet who was not dishonorably discharged and who served on active duty is eligible for healthcare enrollment through the VA. National Guard and Reservist veterans who finished their federally ordered service period are also covered. Your benefits will be determined by your priority group.

Area veterans are served by the Dayton VA Medical Center. For nearly a century and a half, the Dayton VAMC has been serving veterans. These days, their state of the art teaching facility provides a full range of health care through dentistry, neurology, geriatrics, mental health, medical, hospice, oncology, therapy and physical medicine services, community and home health programs, surgical programs, and more.

Veteran Housing Benefits

Montgomery County Veteran Services offers a long resource list for veterans and their loved ones with a broad range of state and federal home, long-term care, and land programs. Here are some of them:

Vets with certain service-related disabilities can receive tax exemptions

The closest Ohio state veterans’ home is the Georgetown Home about a 90-minute drive from Dayton.

Eligible veterans can get VA home loan services. This includes guaranteed loans for buying a home, certain kinds of condominiums, a manufactured home and lot, or loans to build, repair, or improve homes.

Get help with applying for federal VA home loans.

When you or a vet you are close to is homeless or at risk of homelessness, the county can find you emergency help. Montgomery County can also help military widows and spouses with getting assistance with applying for benefits.

The VA’s Medical Foster Home program is another program for vets with daily care requirements. The program is administered by the Dayton VA Medical Center. Participants are taken into the local, private home of a caregiver. All caregivers are vetted and are willing to prepare meals, include the vet in family life, provide transportation, and offer help with daily tasks.

Other Dayton-Area Veteran Benefit Resources

The Greater Dayton Premier Management supplies safe, low-cost, decent housing for Montgomery County veterans who would not be able to afford suitable housing otherwise. They have teamed up with Veterans Affairs to create a Housing Veterans Initiative that matches property owners with rental property to vets in need of a place to live.

Veterans Workforce Services assists eligible veterans, such as campaign veterans, disabled veterans, and other targeted veterans and qualifying spouses, with alleviating underemployment and unemployment. They implement a number of programs and policies to increase opportunities for vets to obtain intensive services, employment, assistance in training and employment programs, and job training.

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