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Dayton Senior Movers and Downsizers

Moving is a common reality for many senior citizens. Some may need to downsize, while others end up moving to an assisted living center. Due to the circumstances of these types of moves, and the growing amount of them throughout Dayton, a demand for experts on senior moving is at an all time high. Senior moving specialists will provide care and assistance both during and after the move.

The Difference Between Senior Services and Typical Moving Companies

Typical moving companies will simply move your belongings from one place to another, and not give much of a second thought as to what you are bringing along. A senior service expert will provide much more care and attention during the process. They understand the importance of keeping sentimental items, and will help you downsize only the things you truly do not need. Senior movers are also able to assist you with turning off utilities, or transferring services to your new location. They can also help you donate the items you no longer need, or assist you with selling them. They offer their undivided attention to your needs and ensure you have everything necessary completed before the move is finished.

Best Time to Contact a Senior Mover

The best time to contact a senior mover is when you are still able to get things done. If you wait until you are no longer mobile, it will be more difficult to get you packed up and settled into a new place. Get an early start on considering what to donate and eliminating items you will no longer need once you have to move into your new home.

Finding a Dayton-Area Senior Move Specialist

The National Association of Senior Move Managers offers a search tool that can be utilized by all senior citizens of Dayton. There are at least 11 senior move managers that you can speak to in Ohio. Their contact information, including telephone numbers, email addresses, and websites are all included on the site so you can easily access it when needed. It is ideal to speak to friends and family in order to receive references for senior move managers they have experience with. This can help you find a trusted mover that will move your items safely.

Cost of Senior Services

The cost of senior services for moving varies greatly. It depends on the amount of assistance you need, and how much of your belongings will be transported. There are typically hourly rates set for the move manager who is helping you find a professional mover, and the movers themselves. Some companies offer a free consultation to discuss the various types of services needed. You can expect to pay at least $30 per hour for a manager, and more for a moving specialist. Some managers can cost up to $100, but offer many of the moving services themselves.

You can pay for your moving cost by selling some of your belongings. You will not need everything in your downsize, so selling is a great way to eliminate the excess and gain the money you need for your moving costs.

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