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Dayton Respite Care and Adult Day Care

When seniors and caregivers enlist the help of adult day care centers and respite care, they often find them so helpful that they wonder why they hadn’t enrolled in those services earlier. Adult day care centers allow caregivers a reprieve from their daily caregiving tasks. It gives them some extra time in the day to continue to work or run their own households. Getting a break affords hardworking caregivers a little free time to relax and enjoy other parts of their lives, with full assurance that the person they care for is being well taken care of.

Adult day programs give aging seniors a break from their routine at home and provide them with the opportunity to socialize with people their age and do some of the things that they enjoy. Program participants and their caregivers soon learn that enrolling in an adult day care or respite program generates better health and emotional results for everyone.

Area Agency on Aging

The Area Agency on Aging for west central Ohio is forward thinking in regards to serving Ohio residents. The agency’s approach to care considers that all populations of people are aging and that the sooner they help all of their residents with limitations, the sooner they can help make their lives easier. The Area Agency on Aging provides an in-home, one-on-one consultation to assess the senior’s needs. The assessment serves as a roadmap for developing a personalized care program that suits the needs of senior caregivers and those they provide care for.

Interested seniors and caregivers may contact the Area Agency on Aging for a comprehensive free assessment by calling (800) 258-7277 or sending an email to [email protected]

Funding the Costs of Adult Day Care and Respite Programs

Caregivers will find that there is a cost associated with adult day care programs that run between $20 and $100 per day. Many of the programs offer a sliding scale fee that is based upon income for low-income families who are in need of services to prevent caregiver burnout. Some of them will even accept a minimum donation. There may also be local, state, or federal programs that help fund adult day care services.

Medicare does not pay for adult day care services, but Medicaid may pay for part or all of adult day or respite programs. Veterans may find financial assistance by contacting the Veterans Administration. Another federal program that helps to fund adult day care and respite programs is the Older Americans Act.

Older Americans Act

The Area Agency on Aging administers the federal program called the Older Americans Act with funding for the nine-county Dayton area. This funding supports a regional network of service providers to deliver a wide range of community services that include:

Adult Day Service Alzheimer Respite Services Caregiver Education and Respite Congregate Meals Health Screenings HEAP Outreach Home Repair Home-delivered Meals Transportation Homemaker Services Legal Services Long Term Care Ombudsman Personal Care Service Protective Service Respite Visiting Senior Volunteer Services Supportive Services

Many families find that a combination of the services that they really need relieves caregiver stress and allows them to offer better care than trying to do it all alone.

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