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Dayton Family Caregiver Benefits

Tired and worn senior caregivers don’t have enough energy and compassion left to give quality care. Often the quality of their caregiving skills is measured by the amount of care they give themselves. Wise senior caregivers know they need to get some help and take breaks if they intend to provide senior care for a lengthy period of time. Fortunately, the number of available programs and services for seniors is increasing along with the need. Word is getting around about where senior caregivers can go for help. Senior caregivers will find respite care, adult day care, support groups, and more.

Area Agency on Aging is the state agency on aging. The agency will arrange for a senior care provider to perform a free, comprehensive assessment of needs. Social work care coordinators develop a customized care plan for seniors and help them get access to the providers that will help them. The Passport program provides services that allow seniors to stay in their homes, rather than be admitted to a nursing home. The Comcare program helps seniors that are partially able, but still need help at home. The program also provides services that help caregivers. Adult day services give senior caregivers a break. They also have programs that provide education on eldercare for caregivers.

Alzheimer’s Association is an award winning organization that helps individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other symptoms of dementia. The Miami Valley Chapter offers educational programs and workshops to help caregivers learn about Alzheimer’s and dementia. They also provide trained facilitators for support groups. Educational programs include topics on early stages of the disease.

Comfort Keepers is a program that offers respite care for family caregivers. The program also trains caregivers in the art of self-care. Workers encourage senior caregivers to get exercise, get plenty of sleep, and remain in contact with friends. The program offers support groups and encourages caregivers to attend regularly. The program teaches caregivers to use respite time to pamper themselves, get some rest, and recharge.

Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio developed a Caregiver Assistance Network for people that care for aging seniors. They offer monthly support groups for more than 340 caregivers in the greater Cincinnati area. Catholic Charities offers workshops on eldercare topics and other issues that caregivers face. Senior caregivers have the opportunity to watch podcasts and videos to help them better understand the aging process. Senior caregivers can call the CAREline, which is a warm line that provides information, resources, referrals, and support. Caregivers are honored annually at a White Mass, where caregivers of all faiths are welcome.

Dayton V.A. Medical Center of Ohio offers a caregiver support program for caregivers that provide care for senior veterans. The V.A. will provide services in the home, in an assisted living facility, in a nursing home, or in another setting. The program provides respite care for senior caregivers so that they can get a much needed break. The V.A. also offers educational programs so that caregivers can learn more about mobility issues, education, and training.

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