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Dayton Estate Sales

Handling the estate of a relative who has moved into an assisted living facility or passed away can be a tough and emotional job. Their possessions might hold sentimental value and can be difficult to deal with or in so many cases, there can just be a lot of stuff to go through.

In fact, most of us have at least 300,000 separate items in our households and it can easily be more if your loved one was a collector or never really threw anything out. No matter what the reason, it can be very helpful to use the services of an estate sales professional during this time. These professionals can handle any estate with much more ease than you can and will make a tough time easier and faster.

The Process Of An Estate Sale

There is more to an estate sale than selling off your relatives stuff and a good estate sale professional will make sure they take the proper steps to carefully consider all items and make sure you get the most money for the items. Perkins Interiors and Estate Sales goes in-depth on the process of estate sales.

Usually, the first step is to have the estate pro come in and do a walk through of the house and the items that you want to sell. Most professionals are certified appraisers and they can tell you how much money you can expect to get from most items and they will also be able to help you decide what to sell and what not to sell.

They will also set up the sale and make sure the items are clean and arranged neatly so shoppers can easily maneuver. If you choose an estate professional who has been in the area a long time, they will know the market of the area and be sure to price and arrange items in a way that will help them sell.

The day of the sale you can choose to be there or not, whichever works best for you but the estate sale staff will handle the entire process from transactions to answering questions to security. They will also run the auction if there are items to bid on and many will also make sure the house is clean and empty once the sale is over.

Finally, they will handle totaling all the sales and transactions. They will share the final sum with both you and the executor of the will. Once that is complete, they will make sure to send you your final check, with their fees and commission deducted, within a few days

The Cost Of Estate Sale Professionals

The total cost to use an estate sale professional can vary from company to company and situation to situation. Places like Caring Transitions handles a variety of situations like downsizing and estate sales so their prices will be different for each service. Some places will offer a free consultation and walk through and while others might charge a flat fee or by the hour. They will also take a percentage of the final sale, generally in the range of 35%, but that is usually agreed upon before signing a contract.

Where To Find An Estate Sale Professional

You can ask friends and family for suggestions or you can talk to a family attorney who might have referrals. When searching sites like the Better Business Bureau of Dayton, make sure you only look at reviews from people who have used the company not just shopped at one of their sales. Finally, you will want to make sure they have certifications from places like American Society of Appraisers or International Society of Appraisers and that you read any contract before signing.

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