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Isolation is becoming a problem for many aging seniors. While most seniors are happy for the opportunity to age in place in their homes, they often feel isolated and alone. Many seniors never had children, so it’s unlikely that they will have younger people who can care for them in their old age. Many seniors lost their spouse and miss that companionship. While age and mobility make it difficult for many seniors to get out of the house, having people come to their home with deliveries and providing services that they need helps relieve loneliness and meet their needs.

Shop4U has shoppers and drivers that get out to pick up and drop off things that seniors can’t do for themselves. Drivers do the grocery shopping, pick up and drop off prescriptions, and take care of other needs. They will use the senior’s coupons and store loyalty cards to help them save money. Shoppers will respect the senior’s choices regarding brand names and value shopping.

Buckeye Concierge Service handles all of the senior’s dry cleaning needs at an affordable price. Regular customers get additional discounts and delivery is always free.

Best Friend Errand Service, LLC offers personal concierge services that will run most any type of errand. The personal concierge will do the grocery shopping, wait for repairmen, organize closets and pantries, organize coupons, research trips and purchases, gift shop, make emergency or other special deliveries, provide home checks, plan parties, take care of pets, and help seniors move.

Treasure Your Time is a concierge service that also provides handyman services to complete those quick fix projects that seniors can’t do themselves. Concierge specialists will run errands, do the shopping, and take care of small tasks that save others time. The service offers lawn mower repair, gardening, planting flowers and spreading mulch. They will also shovel snow, do the holiday shopping, wait for repairmen, pick up and deliver food, pick up packages, pick up the dry cleaning or laundry, and take care of pets. They will also remove pet waste from yards and do leaf blowing.

Instacart is a grocery delivery service where seniors can order fresh groceries online, schedule them for delivery, and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

Walmart Grocery Delivery has options for senior shoppers. Seniors set up an online account where they can shop for the same groceries that they can get in Walmart in the comfort of their homes. They can shop anytime and anywhere. Store clerks will pick the freshest food items and have them ready for pick up. Once the order is placed, seniors can decide if they will go to the store or have someone else pick up the groceries. Store clerks will help pack the car quickly. Seniors can also get their groceries delivered right to their door.

King Soopers City Market is a Kroger store that delivers groceries. Seniors and their caregivers can register for an account online so they can shop anytime. They can view and shop online for the same foods and brands that they can get inside the store. Once the order is placed, they can schedule the date and time of delivery.

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