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Financial Assistance for Corpus Christi Seniors

As a senior, your income is limited, and life can be expensive. If you or your loved one’s nest egg won’t stretch to cover the daily necessities, there is help available. There are services and programs that provide assistance for food, housing and maintenance, utilities, social activities, transportation, and more. Don’t worry about the necessities when there is help for you.

Dinner is served

As a senior, you can get meals delivered directly to your home with the Meals on Wheels program. Nutritionally balanced meals are served Monday through Friday. To learn more about Meals on Wheels in the Corpus Christi area, call 361.826.3150.

There is another program available through the State of Texas to help you purchase food at local stores. This program called Texas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps low-income seniors buy nutritious food and seeds to plant a garden. To apply, go online or visit a community partner. Call toll-free 2-1-1 or 877.754.7905.

Home is where your heart is

Corpus Christi senior residents struggling to maintain their homes should contact the City’s One Stop Housing Services Program. They can assist you with emergency home repair, home accessibility, home restorations, and finding grants or money to pay for these updates. Dallas Ramp Project is a statewide program that helps seniors get their homes ready for a wheelchair. This program is free thanks to local volunteers.

Utility bills come monthly and can be quite stressful for seniors. Texas Weatherization Assistance Program reduces prices or gives seniors assistance to pay utility bills. Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance program also provides utility bill assistance to low-income seniors.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs can help you find housing in Corpus Christi. You can search for a listing of low-income housing on Corpus Christi’s Low Income Housing site, which will highlight senior apartments or houses. There are also other non-profit groups like the Salvation Army and church programs that provide housing aid. If you are looking into a senior community, they typically offer low-income housing options since this is a common issue.

Don’t be lonely

In addition to the groups listed above, there are groups in Corpus Christi for social programs, benefits assistance, field trips, transportation, and more. There are eight senior centers throughout the city. They offer recreational, social, and games to your liking. If you would like more information on hours, locations, and help to find the classes that meet your interests, give them a call at 361.826.3150.

First United Methodist Church offers several senior ministry programs. One of the programs called Flower Ministry brings flowers and cheer to those homebound seniors. For those homebound seniors that need companionship, be sure to check out the Senior Companion Program.

There are several affordable and free Corpus Christi senior resources available through the City and the State of Texas. These groups will help you make the most of your time and budget while keeping your independence.

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