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Corpus Christi Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Many people believe that retirement means the end of their productive years, but that is not the way it has to be. Retirement can be an opportunity to pursue new interests, learn new skills, and give back to the Corpus Christi community.

Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to indulge lifelong interests, meet new people, and possibly start a new career. Use the experience of volunteering as a springboard to a whole new phase in your life.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, there are a large number of organizations and public service outlets that would be happy to take advantage of the skills and experience you have to offer. Keep on reading to find out just a few of the wonderful volunteer options available in the Corpus Christi area.


The Corpus Christi Adopt-a-Park program needs help making area parks beautiful places for recreation. Volunteers have the chance to assist the staff of Corpus Christi parks in maintaining more than 190 different parks, stretching from Padre Island to Five Points.

The Youth Sports League

The Youth Sports League of Corpus Christi provides coaching for area youth sports leagues. If you enjoy sports and want to work with children, you can choose from:



Flag Football


Pass a background check and fingerprinting, attend a mandatory training session, and get started helping children enjoy learning sports and the thrill of competition.

Senior Services

Corpus Christi Senior Services is dedicated to improving the quality of life of community residents aged 50 and older. Volunteer at Senior Services and help them provide vital programs and services. Volunteer opportunities are available to help seniors enjoy recreational activities, good nutrition, educational options, and good health.

Corpus Christi Food Bank

The Corpus Christi Food Bank is a vital part of the community. They ensure that people in need have enough food to live comfortably. Volunteer to help sort and package food for distribution at their warehouse. They have a particular need for people to help at all the senior residential mobile pantry drops they maintain in the Corpus Christi area.

Volunteer at the Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Driscoll Children’s Hospital can use your experience and dedication to make the Hospital a healing place. Volunteers can be placed in many rewarding roles. Assist medical staff as they see to patient needs. Take on the challenge of administrative duties, freeing up staff to dedicate their energy to the Hospital’s primary mission.

Take advantage of training, and learn valuable skills that can result in new career opportunities down the road. Hospital volunteers will enrich the lives of patients and their families as they pass through the difficulties of illness or injury.

Try It

Go ahead, give it a shot. Use your retirement years to make the world a better place, make new friends, and find new opportunities. Search the internet for organizations that you would enjoy helping. Ask friends and family for ideas.

Use this article as a springboard to a whole new world of enjoyable, enriching, and valuable work.

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