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Corpus Christi Neighborhood Guide

Corpus Christi is a Texas city on the Gulf of Mexico. Tucked into a bay, both Padre and Mustang Islands shelter the city. If you want to retire to a beach community but don’t want to spend a fortune, you should consider Corpus Christi.

Notable neighborhoods in Corpus Christi

People who enjoy a slower pace of life with some excitement would enjoy the city. There are several neighborhoods to check out as rated by real estate site Movoto. Here are a few highlights:

Downtown Corpus Christi offers excitement in a laid-back atmosphere. There are activities galore. Shopping is easy to find. You will have your choice of several restaurants all within walking distance. Enjoy outdoor music concerts, baseball games, or the arts. You can also relax while strolling on the bay. As you can see, there are quite a variety of activities.

For a more laid-back lifestyle, check out Central City. The prices on these homes are lower which is ideal for retirement. It is also more rural than other neighborhoods, but this does not mean there is a lack of activities. Central City is home to several small restaurants, shops, and stores for the necessities.

Notable retirement destination

Forbes ranked Corpus Christi as one of The Best Places to Retire in 2012. The city was noted for a favorable economy, low cost of living, and good weather.

WalletHub analyzed the 150 largest cities in the US to find the best places to retire. They factored in items like cost of living, quality of life and health care conditions, and availability of recreational activities. Corpus Christi was ranked 140. When considering health care for down the road, Corpus Christi was noted for having among the lowest costs in the nation for in-home care.

Huffington Post highlighted that Texas coast offered some of the best beach living with such affordable pricing and charm. Texas also has highly regarded medical care available, which is important to most retirees.

Notable factors in neighborhood searches

It’s best to consider various factors when determining the best neighborhood for your retirement. If you want to sort by these factors and view available listings, visit Neighborhood Scout, select your city, and then select your criteria such as quiet, trendy, and the average age of the neighborhood. You can get a more detailed report if you pay for the service, but you can get a pretty good idea with the free option.

Be sure to choose a neighborhood that is right for you. Take time to really explore the area and scope out the places you would visit most including grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants, and health care offices. Most importantly when determining your neighborhood, you want to choose the one you can afford.

Corpus Christi offers an affordable, laid-back lifestyle for retirement. It is affordable, exciting, and scenic – all factors that are important for choosing a place to live.

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