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Corpus Christi Assisted Living

It can be a major change moving from your current home to an assisted living center. You likely have plenty of questions about how it’s paid for, what daily life is like, how to choose the best community, and the costs. Thankfully, there are facilities that cater to your interests in neighborhoods throughout town, the prices in Corpus Christi are in line with those found elsewhere in the country, and it is easier to afford than you might expect. Below, we will take a closer look at assisted living in Corpus Christi.

How Expensive Is Corpus Christi Assisted Living?

Assisted living in Corpus Christi is much more affordable than the national median. You can expect to pay a monthly rate of $2,350 in Corpus Christi versus $3,628 nationwide.

The local rates do vary, though, depending on where in Corpus Christi you live. For instance, has rates in Corpus Christi ranging from an unbelievably low $205 per month for a private room at Trinity Towers a few blocks from Corpus Christi Bay to $6,025 for an upscale studio apartment in a senior care community near Oso Bay. There are scores of options between these two ends of the spectrum.

What is it like in Assisted Living?

Just about any lifestyle can flourish in the right assisted living community. For example, you can choose to have your close family cat or dog move in with you to assisted living. One pet-friendly facility is Garden Estates of Corpus Christi. It is also close to a few parks, including Wooldridge Park. If you are interested in living in a progressive environment that keeps up with the trends in senior living, Villa of Corpus Christi South is the right choice for you.

How to Pick a Corpus Christi Assisted Living Community

Once you have a good idea of what you want out of an assisted living provider and where you want to be located, make a list of promising options. A good way to start is by getting recommendations from people close to you, including relatives, neighbors, and friends. Then, read the reviews of the facilities online and learn about other top-rated alternatives. Find out which services are only available in the community for an extra charge, what is included in the monthly costs, and whether they offer continuity of care.

How Do You Pay for Assisted Living?

Assisted living can appear costly at first. However, it is much more affordable when you compare it to paying for utility bills, routine and major home repair projects, homeowner’s insurance, in-home care, and property taxes. Some ways golden agers pay for assisted living include:

Sell Your House – If it will sit empty when you move into assisted living, consider selling your house.

Reverse Mortgages and Cashing out Life Insurance – Talk to your financial planner, an elder law attorney, and your tax professionals before choosing these alternatives.

Long-Term Care Insurance – Find out if your policy will cover assisted living by talking to your insurance broker.

Medicaid – Learn how to apply for Texas Medicaid and current eligibility requirements by visiting the Your Texas Benefits website.

VA Aid & Attendance Pension – Get in touch with the VA’s regional office for how to apply and other info.

Now that you have an idea of what Corpus Christi assisted living is like, you may want to continue your research. SeniorAdvisor can assist you in finding award-winning providers, exploring neighborhoods in Corpus Christi in more detail, and much more.

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