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Corpus Christi Aging In Place

Corpus Christi is a popular place for many Texan seniors to live once they have retired, and if you have found a home you love here you might be hesitant to leave once your health starts to decline. Luckily, aging in place services can help you stay in the home you love while getting the care you need. You can find a range of services from homemakers that will not only cook and clean but also run errands. Services can also include home health aides that will check your vital signs, remind you to take your medication, and help you with your daily grooming tasks. Don’t let your health cause you to leave your home when you can find what you need right here in Corpus Christi.

Ways To Pay For Services

The burden of paying for in-home care might not rest entirely on your shoulders especially if you have a doctor that has stated you need continuous care so you can stay in your home. Veterans can also find some help with coverage through their VA benefits. Take a look at what your benefits cover and find an approved provider in your area. Senior Texans can also look to the Department of Disability and Aging Services to find financial assistance for homemakers, home repairs, and other in-home care options.

The Total Cost Of Services

It can be hard to find the full cost because it is going to be different for each senior. Where you live will play into the price as will the type of care you use. You might also not need to use care every day or use it twice a day, which can lower or raise your cost.

Nationally, the average for homemakers and home health aides is around $3,800 per month, and in Corpus Christi, the average is much less at $3,432 per month. You can expect to pay about $113 per day, which is reasonable when you compare it to $211 per day for a private room in a nursing home. You should be able to find a provider in the area that fits both your needs and your budget.

Searching For A Provider In Corpus Christi

You can always go online to look for providers in your area, and the Better Business Bureau of Corpus Christi is a great site. You can read customer reviews, see the history of each business, and look at their profile over the years. Your doctor could also be helpful and might have a referral or two of providers in the area. If you have any friends or relatives who use these services, you can ask for their recommendations.

You need to have a list of questions to ask these providers, so you know that they will be able to meet your needs and you’ll feel comfortable having their employees in your house. It’s important that they are insured and bonded as well as have all the proper licensing. How they hire their employees is important too and you want to make sure they perform a background check. Finally, ask about their payment options and if they have a specific way they would like you to schedule their services. Once you feel comfortable with all their answers and decide on a provider, go over the contract carefully before signing.

More Care Options

Home health aides and homemakers aren’t your only in-home care options. The beauty of in-home care is that you can customize your care plan to fit your needs and if a home health aide or homemaker isn’t for you, there are plenty of choices. Concierge services have become very popular among seniors, and you can find a broad range of services to help you out.

If you need someone to watch your pets or walk your dog, check out If you need someone to pick up your groceries, run to the post office, or help you organize your bills, check out Favor or TaskRabbit. If your house is in disrepair or needs improvements, visit If you need your house cleaned, go to Handy, and if you need anything else, Amazon Home Services is very helpful.

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