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Not a good place for your relative or friend

Just not a good place for a relative or friend to be at especially when the phones don't work for the patients and different personnel tell you different things regarding which phone number to use, etc. The site is unfortunately ghetto in the worst sense of the word with dopers and hopers outside the front entrance of the facility and no facility security to chase 'em away when they beg for 'spare change' as you exit or enter the Northern Manhattan Rehab!#@


Run far away! Money hungry,careless,incompetent!! Those are just a few words I have to say about this place. I have the classic case of trusting a nursing home with the care of a love one and it going horribly wrong. My loved one went in on the grounds of them helping him they made it worse and in three months he was gone!


Majority of staff have a bad attitude! Recreation is a waste of time. A lot of sneaky things go around. Residents are poorly taken care of.

Death or Homicide

It was stated that my mother was found unresponsive in the wee hours of the morning. The nursing staff acted suspicious as if they had something to do with it... The medical examiner would not do an autopsy, due to the fact it was coming from immediate family. When shown my mother's corpse her eyes POPPED OPEN. ,and when I tried to close them like in the movies they never closed. All staff treated me different and one day later I wasn't allowed in the building anymore. Many unanswered questions went about, and my mothers Dr runs away from me till this day. It funny the staff acted as they played a role in !y !others death. They acted as if their careers was on the line...


Perfect place to turn your love one into a zombie.

From the Community

Northern Manhattan Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a modern facility with a state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system designed specifically to maximize staff efficiencies by interfacing with other medical electronic systems and increasing resident-to-staff interaction time. Northern Manhattan is dedicated to provide excellent health care (the Center is Joint Commission accredited) and a high quality of life in a home-like environment.