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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Columbus

Age is no longer a factor when it comes to the workplace. More and more seniors are seeking employment in order to cover expenses, or just looking for something to occupy their days. For seniors who have recently entered retirement, or are simply ready to get back to work, there are quite a few resources and sources of information that can provide assistance with this endeavor.

With the population in Columbus steadily getting older, it is not surprising to discover that the number of workers in the area is steadily increasing as well. To assist with this new job trend, use the senior-friendly workplace resources here.

Resources to Aid a Senior on their Job Search in Columbus

There are quite a few employment opportunities for seniors in Columbus, the key is to tap into the resources that are available. One resource that can be quite beneficial for seniors looking for a job is the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. This organization works with county agencies and other partners to provide a number of training and employment services to seniors in the area. In addition to this, they help seniors develop their resume and brush up on their interviewing skills.

The Ohio Means Jobs website is another commonly used option for seniors who are looking for new employment later in life. Powered by the Ohio government, this site helps seniors filter available job opportunities based on what they are looking for.

Paid Training and Employment Opportunities

The Senior Employment Program offered by AARP is one of the most well-known and beneficial services in the area. This service provides paid working opportunities for those who are over the age of 55 and who do not have much in terms of financial resources.

In addition to helping seniors find jobs, the service offers paid training opportunities. This means the senior can earn money while gaining new skills for use in the future.

Additional Help for Seniors Seeking work in Columbus

In addition to the resources listed above, there are a number of other organizations that Columbus residents can use such as the Employment for Seniors organization, which has been in operation for more than 40 years. This program links mature adults in the city with employment opportunities. If the person is over the age of 50, they can receive assistance. More than 30,000 clients have received help from this organization.

Taking the time to utilize the resources highlighted here will help a senior find employment regardless of what the situation is after their retirement. These organizations understand that seniors seek employment for different reasons and they accommodate this need. Seniors should not underestimate their abilities since there are a number of different options available. There are both organizations and services that can help seniors in the local area find employment to fulfill their Golden Years and help them support themselves.

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