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Medicaid in Columbus

Medicaid benefits offer a helping hand to seniors who need assistance paying for their health care. In Ohio, more than half of the care provided by nursing home facilities is paid for by the program along with the majority of in-home care, hospice services, adult day programs, and non-emergency medical transportation services. Seniors who are qualified to receive benefits or may qualify at a future date should read on to learn about the program specifics in the Columbus area.

How do you know if you’re eligible for Medicaid in Ohio?

The Medicaid eligibility requirements for adults in Ohio include a number of criteria. You either need to be age 65 or above, or an adult diagnosed as having a long-term disability who will need 30 days or more of consistent medical treatment. Beyond that, applicants must have a limited, low income and minimal assets excluding their home and car.

Where can I go to apply or get help with my benefits?

The Ohio Department of Medicaid web portal is an excellent resource where you can check your eligibility, apply for benefits, and manage your coverage and claims online. New users will need to set up a username and password in the system to get started.

If you are not internet savvy and would like to submit your application or ask questions in person, you can visit the Franklin County Department of Family Services office right in Columbus at 1721 Northland Park Ave, or give them a call at 614-233-2000. You can also call the Ohio Department of Medicaid Consumer Hotline toll-free at 800-324-8680.

The Ohio Department of Aging has another excellent resource in a listing of senior centers in Franklin county, many of which offer assistance through volunteers on the site with filling out the online application. There are over 30 in the area, and their full contact information is available here.

Medicaid covered services in Columbus

In Columbus, Medicaid for seniors pays for traditional medical services like visits to your primary care doctor, needed specialists, the hospital, and the dentist. The program also pays for x-rays, lab tests, and prescription medications. Additionally, seniors can apply for benefits to cover needed services like nursing home care, adult day care, in-home medical care, and hospice services.

Facilities and providers who provide care in the area must be approved and certified by Medicaid. You can search by zip code or county through the provider directory here or just inquire with your provider if they accept Medicaid as insurance at their location.

Getting around town to medical appointments in Columbus

Medicaid also provides funding for seniors who need non-emergency medical transportation to their medical appointments. A number of providers are in the Columbus area who work with Medicaid, including CareSource, who you can reach by phone at 1-800-488-0134 to schedule your appointment. It’s important to note that your transportation will need to be pre-approved through Medicaid, and should be scheduled at least 5 business days in advance. For additional information visit the CareSource website.

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