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Columbus Neighborhood Guide

Columbus is the biggest city in Ohio, and it’s getting bigger and better each day. A highlight of the city is 33 acres of new park area along the riverfront, called the Scioto Mile. The city has a fabulous zoo, a famous ballpark, and the Columbus Museum of Art added a new wing. High Street is a north-south street that takes you from a cool, urban neighborhood, through the downtown area, and over to the German Village on the south side of the city.

Short North

Short North was once a seedy neighborhood with a shady reputation. Area artists saw it as a goldmine of inspiration. Creatives began pushing into the area, taking advantage of the low-cost housing and business space, renovating the old buildings into cool studios and galleries. Cafes and shops sprung up to support the new crop of shoppers and the area took on a character of its own. Short North is now home to over 300 shops, restaurants, and other thriving businesses. Many architectural styles line the streets and the housing options are pretty affordable.


Living in the downtown area places you in close proximity to the very best things to see and do in Columbus. Housing options run the gamut from single family homes, to multi-family homes, to apartment living. Whether you favor urban-style or traditional living, or an eclectic combination of both, seniors will gravitate towards the spaces they love. Grab one of the city visitor’s maps and explore the museums, parks, and theaters all around the city.

German Village

Germans immigrated and settled in Columbus in the early 1800’s and established a small community of simple, hard-working people. Social and political changes caused residents to flee and the area became an industrial hub. At the threat of demolishing what was left, German residents rallied to save the area, and German Village is now preserved as a National Historic Place. The area has reverted back to being primarily a residential area—complete with charming brick homes. It’s a pedestrian lifestyle that seniors will love.

The Best in Columbus Art and Culture

Seniors can spend a lovely afternoon at the Franklin Park Conservatory viewing the fragrant gardens and art collections. Pick another day and brush up on history at the Ohio Historical Center. You might even be able to catch a vintage baseball game where the Village Muffins play by 19th century rules. If you’re up for spending a day with animals, check out the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium or take a safari tour in The Wilds. It’s a museum, planetarium, and playground all in one—the Center of Science and Industry is open with over 300 interactive exhibits. Adults get their own kind of play after dark and there’s fireworks too.

Take a trek to The Ohio State University sports complex to visit The Jack Nicklaus Museum. Celebrate the sport of golf and the amazing career of “the Golden Bear,” Jack Nicklaus, who won 20 major golf championships and had 100 worldwide professional victories.

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