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Columbus In-Home Care

In-home care is a popular choice amongst Columbus area seniors, and for good reason. Not only does it allow seniors access to care in the comfort of their home, but it’s also affordable compared to other care types in the area. The median cost of in-home care in 2015 was $125 per day, this was less than both assisted living at $135 and private nursing home care at $208 daily. There are many reasons to consider in-home care for seniors who need assistance.

Here we will examine specifics on in-home care, including available services, customer reviews, and an easy how-to guide on finding the right provider for you.

What seniors in Columbus are saying about in-home care

There are over two dozen options to choose from who provide in-home care to Columbus seniors. Agencies may provide personal care, home health care, or both depending on your needs. All providers will be certified by the state and have their business listed with the Department of Aging and Disability Services Home and Community Support Services Agencies program.

There are numerous customer reviews on that gave us a great feel for what seniors are looking for and the quality of care available in the area. Here are just a couple of excerpts of what people had to say.

Loved ones who live out of town can rest easy knowing their loved ones are cared for. “I have found Homewatch to provide excellent services so far. My parents are not doing well, and since my husband and I live out of town, we had to find a company that would help care for them. I’m not happy living in another city, but having a company like Homewatch help out sure beats sending my parents into a nursing home,” wrote the daughter of a Homewatch patient.

Responsive and caring staff make all the difference. “They are very prompt to react to any requests that we have, happy to accommodate any scheduling changes, quick to respond to phone calls and answer any questions, and they really treat the client just like family,” wrote the loved one of a client of Always There Homecare.

One commonality in many online reviews was the ability of area agencies to accommodate last minute requests. Know that if you need access to care on a short notice, it is available in your area.

Develop a personalized care schedule

In-home care is designed to be personalized, and offer assistance when you or your loved one need it most. Providers will work with you to develop a customized schedule that offers things like respite care, part-time care during the day, or full-time care depending on your needs.

Combining care to have access to the best choice for you

When determining the best way to care for a loved one, sometimes creating a plan that involves a combination of care is a good idea. This way, you have access to the types of services that make the most sense, and have resources at your disposal should you need them. Here are a few ideas:

Securing a caregiver through a direct hire is an option that allows you to have total control over every aspect of the care provided. Here you can choose to pay a family member the market rate for providing caregiving services, or you can interview, screen, vet, and hire an applicant that you chose. Note that hiring directly will require you to manage the payroll, insurance, and taxes that come with being an employer.

If you like the idea of hiring a family member directly, but also need access to care provided by an agency from time to time, a combination of direct and agency care might be a good fit. In this scenario you can compensate a family member, but also have access to care should the primary caregiver need respite time to manage their own health or personal needs.

Utilizing online shopping and local concierge services can be another great way to manage your time and lessen the responsibilities of the caregiver. You can shop online for goods to be delivered directly to your home, and contract help with everything from caring for and walking a pet to delivering weekly groceries.

Finding reputable providers is simple. Ask for recommendations from trusted friends, do research online, and take the time to read user reviews about the businesses. The Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio is an excellent resource to find out what customers are saying about agencies and services in your area.

Funding options for in-home care

Seniors who meet the criteria can apply for assistance paying for their in-home care from Medicare. If you don’t qualify but have a low income and limited assets, applying for Medicaid may also be an option. Additionally, veterans who served active duty during a wartime, and their widows, may be eligible for assistance through the VA Aid & Attendance pension.

If you have long-term care insurance, your benefits should cover the cost of your in-home care. Homeowners may also want to explore taking out a reverse mortgage on their home to get access to liquid assets to fund their care needs.

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