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Regular checkups at the doctor are a necessary part of life, especially for those with a strong desire to keep healthy. As people age, the type of care needed changes, often requiring more frequent visits to the doctor. People over the age of 65 should seek the expertise of a geriatrician, rather than a typical primary physician. A geriatrician specializes in elder care, and offers valuable resources to patients.

The city of Columbus offers a wide array of hospitals that have a specific focus on geriatrics. Careful management is provided to those with chronic conditions and aging illnesses. Some locations are specifically meant for seniors, while others offer care to patients of all ages, including seniors.

Columbus Hospitals With Senior Care

Numerous hospitals are located in Columbus and throughout other parts of Ohio. One such option is the OhioHealth John J. Gerlach Center for Senior Health. Education programs for caregivers, wellness programs, and outpatient health services are all available at this location. The facility even provides support groups for caregivers, discusses housing options, and provides respite care. With a focus on senior care, the institution is one of the best choices for elderly citizens in the area.

OhioHealth also offers Riverside Methodist Hospital. This facility offers overall health care services to patients of all ages. It is nationally recognized for the quality of care provided. Pastoral care, cancer care, palliative care, rehabilitation services, and emergency services are some of the most common services used by senior patients.

Columbus Healthcare Center is a nursing facility that has an Advanced Rehabilitation Unit. The unit provides short-term and long-term care for those who need to regain muscle and movement, whether due to an accident, injury, or illness. The center is certified through medicare, so payments can be managed more easily. The center partners with the ClearVista Health and Wellness Hospital, which focuses on senior health.

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation is offered at Columbus Colony Elderly Care. The facility is intended for those who are deaf or blind. The patients at Columbus Colony often require extra attention and care, with more assistance from a nursing staff member. The Ohio School of the Deaf Alumni Association runs the center.

Nursing and rehabilitation are not the only services offered. There is also outpatient therapy, dietary services, and social services. Activities are also provided at the long-term care facility. This includes a sign language class, sensory stimulation, bible study, and regular outings to fun spots throughout the town.

Finding a Geriatrician in Columbus

It is not always easy to find a geriatrician nearby. Some are simply located within the hospital among other primary care physicians. The American Geriatrics Society offers a search tool that makes finding a physician faster. Seniors can search by state or zip code, or type in a last name of a physician they already know about. This will help them locate the facility the physician works at, along with proper contact information. It is always wise to speak to friends and acquaintances as well to determine if they have any local recommendations.

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