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Columbus Hospice Care

The use of hospice care can help patients enjoy the end of their life as comfortably and with as little pain as possible. During the final weeks or months of a senior’s life, hospice care providers can ensure that they are getting the medical and emotional support they need to transition into the next step.

Regardless of whether the senior is looking to stay at home or if they would prefer to be in a senior living community, hospice care providers can be available to fit their individual needs. If you or someone you love is considering hospice care, here are some things you will need to consider.

Providing Hospice Care Service

Your hospice care team will be made up of a number of individuals who each have a specific and important role in providing support. Depending on if you choose to stay at home or reside in a senior living community, your hospice care team may look larger or smaller than others.

The main members of your hospice care team includes your doctor and your hospice doctor. Together, they will determine the best plan to maintain comfort and reduce support while ensuring the medical needs of the senior are met. Nurses and home health aides will help the doctors carry out their plan, monitor the senior’s health, and provide any necessary treatments or therapies.

You and your family can also receive help around the house from homemaking aides and trained hospice volunteers. Homemaking aides can assist in completing chores while volunteers can run errands for the family or provide respite care if needed.

The hospice care team may also include social workers and counselors. These individuals can provide emotional support and help the family through the difficult decisions that need to be made during hospice.

The community is often a large part of a hospice care team as well. Family members, neighbors, and family friends can also help contribute through cooking, grocery runs, visiting the senior, and more.

Finding a Hospice Care Provider in Columbus

When looking for hospice care in Columbus, there are a number of options you may choose from. A few of those hospice providers include Heartland Home Health Care & Hospice, Mount Carmel Hospice, and Zusman Hospice.

Before selecting a provider, you should discuss the senior’s needs with their medical team. You will also want to consider any providers with specific backgrounds that may be important to the senior, including hospice care services from the VA or faith-based caregivers.

The Cost of Hospice Care

The amount that hospice will cost you and your family will depend on what services are needed, although most services are included under private health insurers or Medicare. It is important to note that hospice does not include additional treatments, including experimental treatments that are aimed at improving the illness or condition. Instead, what is covered by insurance is usually only services that aim to maintain comfort and reduce pain.

Be sure to discuss your care needs and your insurance policy with any potential hospice care providers.

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