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Caregiving in Columbus, OH

As seniors age and are able to do less for themselves, family members struggle with how to make sure their aging parents or other seniors can take care of themselves and get out when they need to perform errands or get to appointments. When family members or other caregivers decide that they need to take a role in caregiving, they need to decide how much or how little of it they want to take on themselves and how much outside help they need to manage appropriately. is an excellent resource for finding a range of senior services from supplemental caregiving to assisted living and nursing care. lists a directory of in-home senior care providers with a description of the type of services they provide, their addresses, and phone numbers. Consumers who have used the service write testimonials about their experience with the service provider and rate them with stars. Reading reviews should give you some idea whether the provider will work for your situation. offers helpful and encouraging blog articles on senior caregiving.

If you are looking for a top-rated provider, look for the SeniorAdvisor “Best Awards” which are awarded to the senior living and home care providers who have consistently received high ratings from residents and their families. The award places winners in the top 1% of senior care providers nationally.

Franklin County Office on Aging

Columbus caregivers will find support at the Franklin County Office on Aging on a limited basis. The Caregiver Support Program requires that caregivers are providing care for seniors age 60 or older. Support services are limited to three months per calendar year and the costs are capped. Choose from services such as in-home respite, adult day care, caregiver counseling, institutional respite in a licensed facility, and durable medical equipment.

Case managers will help identify helpful services and assist in arranging them. Caregivers must fill out a confidential application by calling the number at Senior Options (614)-525-6200. Case managers process applications and determine eligibility. While there is no specified fee for the service, customary contributions are requested based upon the income of the care recipient. Contributions are voluntary.

Caregivers may access the Caregiver Support program through the Senior Options program, but the two programs have separate applications and separate criteria for approval.

Internet Searches for Caregivers

You may have thought about looking for a caregiver on online sites that offer profiles of caregivers. Sites like and are sources where professional caregivers look for clients to hire them. Should you trust them? The answer is maybe. There are senior care professionals who use those sites to seek employment and you may find the perfect person to care for your loved one. There are pros and cons to doing this safely. A little due diligence goes a long way towards protecting your senior.

Pros-You’ll find lots of candidates! allows you to read profiles of caregivers. You can see their photos, read about their experience, get a feel for their personalities, and read reviews from others who used their services. and other job sites list of lot of local agencies that staff senior care workers for hire.

Cons-Scammers have caught on to sites like, so never wire transfer money to an individual using one of those sites. If you find a profile that looks like a good candidate, ask for references and check them out, before scheduling an interview to meet them in person. Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean that it’s true. and other job sites usually have ads for staffing needs. These can be a good source for finding a caregiver, but do a little digging to make sure the agency is reputable and get references from past families who hired the prospective caregiver.

Caregivers should begin the search for supplemental senior services as soon as the need for them is evident. It’s possible to find all of the resources using one website or service. More likely, caregivers will need to piece together a combination of caregiving, respite, medical, and transportation services.

Caregiving is time-consuming and can quickly become exhausting. Over time, caregivers may need to increase or add additional services to meet advanced elder care needs. It can really pay off to begin a senior care file early in the process and refer to resources as needs increase. A file of helpful senior-based resources that caregivers can access at a moment’s notice can provide welcome relief for caregivers who feel overwhelmed by the tasks in front of them.

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