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Social Security for Colorado Springs Seniors

The Colorado Springs Social Security Office is responsible for determining a person’s eligibility for benefits and pays benefits to those who meet the requirements. The Social Security office will also help you replace your Social Security card, update information, and file a claim regarding missing payments.

Knowing the types of benefits that are available and what must be done to receive them can be quite beneficial. It will help a person know what to do when it is time to apply for and receive the Social Security benefits they deserve.

Colorado Springs Social Security Offices

In Colorado Springs, there is one Social Security office. It is located at 1049 N Academy Blvd. For those searching for the office, they can find it located in the “Crossroads at Citadel” shopping plaza that is located on the Northeast corner of Academy Blvd and Galley Blvd. Those who need assistance can also call the office by dialing 1-888-880-0688. The office hours for this location are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 3 PM except for Wednesday’s when the office closes to the public at 12 PM.

Types of Social Security Programs for Seniors

For individuals who are over the age of 65, they have likely reached their full retirement age. At this age, they will receive the full amount of benefits they are entitled to. If you are looking to receive your Social Security retirement benefits, it is a good idea to apply for them approximately three months before you want the payments to begin.

There are two basic programs that will provide benefits for a senior, which include:

SSI – Supplemental Security Income: These benefits are given to applicants who are disabled and who have a low income.

SSDI – Social Security Disability Insurance: These benefits are offered to those who have been employed for a period of at least five years and who are over the age of 65. They must also be suffering from a condition that has lasted for more than a year.

Retired Worker Benefits: This is an individual who has been employed long enough to be covered and who is over the age of 65. Maximum benefits are payable when the person reaches the age of 70.

Aged widowers who are at least 60 years old can also receive benefits from their deceased spouse.

Online Based Tools for Social Security

If you are applying for Social Security benefits in Colorado Springs, you can complete a large amount of your application by going online to If you have paid into Social Security, or if you are trying to find benefits, you should open a MySocialSecurity account. This is an online portal that links you directly to the Social Security Administration that allows you to manage and keep track of benefits while making changes to your existing Social Security record.

Taking action when it comes to Social Security benefits, replacement cards, or updating information is essential to ensure that benefits can be given when they are deserved.

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