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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Colorado Springs

The modern workforce is more eclectic than it has ever been. No longer do new to work, straight out of college workers dominate the employed demographics. In fact, today’s workforce is extremely diverse and more seniors over the age of 50 are working into their retirement years. For those seniors who have retired and discovered that they want more in their life, or simply need the income, reentering the workforce is something they may try to do.

When attempting to reenter the workforce as a senior, there are a number of resources and tools that can be used. With the population of Colorado Springs steadily aging, it is no surprise to learn that the number of people past the age of 50 are going back to work. Use the tips and resources here to take advantage of this new job trend.

Job Searching Resources for Seniors in Colorado Springs

There are a number of different employment opportunities for seniors in Colorado Springs. The key for a senior’s success is to utilize the resources that are available. Some of the things to consider include the following:

One resource that has been proven as effective for quite a few senior residents is dialing “211.” This phone number will put a senior in contact with resources in the local area that actively provide assistance for those who are looking for a job. This number was originally established by the United Way, which is a well-known resource for seniors seeking service, help and employment.

The Pikes Peak Workforce Center another valuable resource for seniors seeking employment. It is part of the One-Stop Career Center system that provides seniors with workplace training and information to find employment.

Paid Opportunities for Workplace Training for Seniors

For seniors who are currently unemployed and who meet certain income restrictions, the Senior Employment Program, which was created by the AARP may be helpful. This opportunity offers paid training for seniors who have reached the age of 55. In order to qualify for this service, a person has to be over the age of 55. They will be given training in a community service organization with the ultimate goal to transfer to a permanent job opportunity.

Each year, thousands of seniors receive help from this program in Colorado Springs. It is an excellent resource to use when searching for a job.

Additional Help for Seniors in Colorado Springs

While there are more than a few options to find assistance, it is essential for a senior to figure out the type of assistance they need. For those who want additional help in living independently and earning a living, the Silver Key Senior Services may be beneficial. This particular organization offers help for up to 10,000 seniors each year.

Taking some time to use the resources that are highlighted here will help seniors find the employment services they want and need, regardless of what the situation is after they retire.

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