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Medicaid in Colorado Springs

Colorado Medicaid is a public source of health insurance that is offered to low-income seniors in Colorado who meet certain qualifications. This program is jointly funded by the state and federal government and administered by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. There are thousands of seniors in Colorado Springs who rely on Medicaid coverage. This is to provide them with the services they need as they age, including assisted living and nursing home care. For seniors who are not yet covered, but believe they may be eligible, they should begin the research and application process right away.

Colorado Springs Medicaid eligibility requirements

There are several things that will have to be provided when applying for Medicaid. This includes residency status, the age of the person and their income. For seniors, the financial requirements are based on both the income they earn, as well as their assets. In most cases, this will exclude the senior’s home and their vehicle.

There are some seniors who may try to transfer or give away their assets in order to meet the financial requirements. This is not a good idea since Medicaid has a look-back process. This means they will look back for several years to see seniors past assets. These requirements were made much more stringent recently due to the simple fact that it made the benefits more difficult to acquire.

Help and assistance when applying for Medicaid

If you require help with your Medicaid application, you can visit the Department of Human Services, or another local application assistance location. Here, you will find help with applying for Medicaid benefits, be able to have questions answered about the benefits and co-payments required, and any other issues that may be present. There is also help available by phone. For people who have already been approved for Medicaid coverage, they can call 1-800-221-3943. There is also help available through email by contacting the Medicaid Customer Contact Center.

What coverage options are available if a senior is approved?

If a senior receives notification that they are approved for Medicaid coverage, they will find it can fully or partially cover a number of services they may need. This includes (but is often not limited to):

Wellness and preventive services Prescription drugs Behavioral health Outpatient care Laboratory and x-ray services Dental services Hospitalization Emergency care

In many cases, Medicaid will also cover long-term care in an assisted living or nursing home setting, as well as housekeeping, transportation, and respite care services.

Getting around Colorado Springs with the help of Medicaid

Medicaid is provided to help seniors receive the care they need as they age. This is why it often covers transportation services. One of the first steps to find out about these services is to contact the Area Agency on Aging. Or, a senior can call 303-866-2800 to speak to someone from the State Unit on Aging. The Colorado Department of Transportation also has information about services that are available for seniors.

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