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LGBT Senior Services in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a beautiful destination with a lot to offer. This includes community resources and events for LGBT residents. Seniors who are part of this group also have their own set of events and programs that are beneficial.

Moving to the Neighborhood

LGBT seniors interested in moving to a Colorado Springs neighborhood should find a friendly location. Pleasant Valley is one possibility. This area spans over 2,000 acres, providing land for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Those interested in the shopping scene will enjoy the downtown atmosphere. Boutiques and historical sites are all part of the charm.

Palisades at Broadmoor Park is one of the nicest assisted living facilities in the area. Any seniors looking for a place to stay should check out this location. There are plenty of activities onsite to help people meet others living in the community.

Another possibility is Brookdale Bear Creek. An indoor common room allows residents to mingle, while regular activities also provide an opportunity for friends to meet. Pets are allowed at this location, allowing a pet companion to keep residents company.

Joining the Community

Springs Equality is the Equality Center of Colorado Springs. A number of pride events are held throughout each month that LGBT seniors can participate in. An annual walkathon, community breakfast event, and IVF learning seminar are just a few of the options. These all offer great ways to become part of the community and meet others with similar interests.

The Denver Pride Fest is held each year, typically in the middle of June. This festival provides a chance for seniors and other LGBT community members to meet and interact. Attending the event is also a great way to discover the businesses in the area that support the festival. They are great businesses to frequent.

Pride Guide Colorado offers an array of events held throughout each month. The Park Hill 4th of July Parade is in July, while the Aspen Gay Ski Weekend is held in January. The Colorado Gay Rodeo Association typically holds a rodeo event, which is also in July. The AIDS Walk of Colorado is held in August. Seniors can find an event that piques their interest and attend. It could become a yearly tradition.

Finding Support

It is important for everyone to feel supported in their daily lives. LGBT seniors in Colorado Springs can find various programs and support groups in order to receive the guidance and friendship they need. The UCCS Aging Center is one helpful resource. Anyone over the age of 55 can receive health care assistance at this facility, including psychotherapy services.

One of the oldest LGBT community centers in the nation, Colorado Springs Pride was founded in 1978. LGBT seniors can call or visit the center in order to discover support group meetings that are being held. The center focuses on community input and participation.

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