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How Much Do Colorado Springs Nursing Homes Cost?

Nursing homes are long-term care facilities that provide medical, social and emotional support for an aging population. These facilities are specifically designed for individuals who require comprehensive medical care, memory care or just assistance with activities of daily life.

Currently, the population of Colorado Springs is 445,830. Of this population, 10.9 percent are over the age of 65. This means that just over 44,500 people are considered senior citizens. Also, according to statistics, up to 70 percent of these 44,000 people are going to need nursing home care, in some way, at some point in their lives.

Colorado Springs, CO Nursing Home Care Facts

There is a total of 214 nursing homes in the state of Colorado.

Colorado is said to have one of the fastest growing aging populations.

By the year 2021, it is estimated there will be 1,350,000 people over the age of 60 years in the state.

Cost Expectations for Nursing Homes in Colorado Springs

The cost of a nursing home in Colorado Springs can vary based on the level of care that is needed, services offered and location. The average cost for a private room in a nursing home in Colorado Springs is $218.34 per day. For a shared room, the cost drops to $184.25 (on average) per day. However, there are rates that are higher and even some that are lower based on the location, which is why it is essential to determine a budget prior to searching for a nursing home. For example, at Beth Israel At Shalom Park, which is a private nursing home, the cost for a private room starts at $290. However, at Centura Health-Namaste Alzheimer Center, the cost for a private room starts at just $205 per day.

What to Look for in a Colorado Springs, CO Nursing Home?

Finding the right nursing home in Colorado Springs will take quite a bit of time and effort. It is important to evaluate the needs of the person who needs the care and then find the location that bests suits and can accommodate for these needs. For example, New Dawn Memory Care is a facility that caters specifically to seniors who suffer from some type of dementia.

It may be a good idea to speak with people who have a loved one in a nursing home to learn more about the options in the local area. Doing this can help a person save time and avoid options that do not provide a high level of care.

It is important to remember that just because a nursing home location is right for one person, it does not mean it will be right for another. It is essential to make the senior a part of the decision-making process to ensure they will be happy and remain healthy in the nursing home location that is ultimately found in Colorado Springs.

Paying for the Nursing Home in Colorado Springs

For many families, the biggest concern they have related to nursing home care is how they will pay for it. This is because many facilities charge several hundred dollars per day for the care. While seniors who own a home can sell this asset to pay for some of the care, there are other ways to help and pay for this care, too.

If a senior is not interested in selling their home, they may want to think about acquiring a reverse mortgage. This is when they borrow the value that has accumulated in their home. You can learn more about reverse mortgages and if they are a smart option by going to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s website.

For those who do not own a home, but anticipate needing nursing home care in the future, they should consider purchasing long-term care insurance. This is a type of umbrella term for any type of insurance that covers the cost of nursing home care. This type of insurance can easily cover the cost of nursing homes, as long as it is purchased before a major medical event takes place.

Something that many people do not fully understand is the role of Medicaid and Medicare. These programs will pay for some people’s long term cares, and not others. There are strict medical need requirements and financial requirements that must be met in order to acquire this type of assistance. While it is possible to receive assistance from these programs, learning more about what is needed is essential and will help to ease the stress of paying for the long-term care needs a senior has.

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