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Colorado Springs Veterans Benefits

Colorado Springs veterans are able to improve their quality of life through state and federal benefits programs that give them access to housing, education, healthcare and other essential services. If you are interested in finding out what VA benefits you may be eligible for, there are a number of local organizations that can answer any questions you may have.

How Colorado Springs veterans keep healthy

Veterans who served in the armed forces and were honorably discharged, as well as National Guard and Reserves members, may be eligible to receive medical care through the VA health system. If you apply for health benefits, you will be placed in a priority group based on your medical needs and your past military service record. Enhanced eligibility status is awarded to veterans who have been injured or disabled in the line of duty.

The VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System serves veterans living in and around the Denver area. Colorado Springs families can visit the PFC Floyd K. Lindstrom Outpatient Clinic to enjoy convenient local primary care and mental health services, or they can visit the Denver medical campus for more comprehensive care. Family caregivers can also take advantage of VA support services, including respite assistance, adult day care and home health programs.

How Colorado Springs veterans find housing

Federal VA home loans help thousands of veterans and their families to afford housing each year. Purchase Loans allow eligible individuals to buy a house at a low interest rate, while Streamline Refinance Loans lower the interest rate on existing VA loans. Veterans who wish to adapt their house in order to better cope with a service-related disability may qualify for financial aid through an Adapted Housing Grant. Disabled and elderly veterans can also save on housing costs through Colorado state property tax exemptions.

Not all veterans are able to live independently at home. Those who need help with daily living activities may be eligible to receive 24 hour skilled nursing care from one Colorado’s five Veterans Community Living Centers. The Bruce McCandless facility in Florence, the Fitzsimons facility in Aurora and the State Home at Walsenburg are all within 2 hours of Colorado Springs. Whether you’re recovering from surgery or managing dementia, Colorado’s state nursing homes are able to provide the care services that you need at an affordable rate.

If you are not ready to make the move into a nursing home, the VA Medical Foster Home (MFH) program offers a safe and comfortable alternative to life in a community living center. Veterans receive care in a residential home, enjoying their own private room and personalized care services provided by a compassionate and trained MFH caregiver. This program is managed by the VA Eastern Colorado Health System and offers housing options within 30 miles of the Denver medical campus.

How Colorado Springs veterans access additional benefits resources

Do you want to learn more about what benefits are available to you as a veteran? Stop by the El Paso County Veterans Service Office to speak with a representative about VA health benefits, education programs, home loans and more. You can also contact the Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs to locate your nearest County Veterans Service Officer for assistance with the VA application or claims process.

Colorado offers extensive employment benefits to veterans who are searching for a job. The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment gives qualifying veterans top priority when it comes to vocational training and placement services. Visit your nearest workforce center location for more information, or be the first to check out new job listings online through the Connecting Colorado

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