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Colorado Springs Nursing Homes

Colorado Springs is home to dozens of world-class nursing homes that provide care to seniors across the city. Whether you’re looking to manage a permanent health condition, recovering from a hospital stay, or simply giving your regular caregiver a break, you can find a nursing home in Colorado Springs that is able to suit your unique needs.

An overview of Colorado nursing homes

70% of U.S. seniors 65 or older will need some form of long-term care.

43% of patients need long-term for under a year, while only 15% need care for more than 5 years.

Women tend to need care for longer than men, averaging 4 years as opposed to just 2 years.

In 2013, Colorado had 211 nursing homes with a capacity of over 20,000 beds, and this number is expected to increase as the demand for skilled nursing care grows.

The length of a typical nursing home stay

Nursing homes have gained a reputation over the years as facilities that care for residents with permanent or degenerative illnesses. Many nursing homes do provide long-term care for patients with conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, but only 15% of seniors need care for more than 5 years. Men spend an average of just 2 years in nursing homes while women spend around 4 years in nursing homes, primarily due to the fact that women live longer than men.

A large number of nursing home residents need care for less than a single year. 43% of seniors require only weeks to months of care, often for rehabilitative purposes after a hospital stay. Most nursing homes provide physical and occupational therapy sessions for residents that are recovering from surgery, an accident, an illness, or any other number of conditions.

Respite services are also available at certain nursing homes and offer short-term relief for senior caregivers. If you are an informal caregiver who is looking after a friend, relative or neighbor, you can look into nursing home respite care during those times where you need a short break from your responsibilities.

The services that nursing homes offer

Nursing homes, like assisted living facilities, help residents with tasks such as bathing, grooming and eating. Unlike assisted living facilities, however, nursing homes also provide an extensive level of medical care. A staff of certified nursing assistants under the supervision of a registered nurse makes sure that patients follow their medication and therapy schedules, get to medical appointments on time, show healthy vitals from day-to-day, and much more. Residents also receive nutritionally balanced meals and snacks each day so that they don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning.

Many seniors who live in nursing homes are able to remain socially active by participating in social, recreational and spiritual activities set up by the nursing home staff. Residents that are mobile can go on supervised local outings, while housebound seniors can enjoy events ranging from movie showings to pet therapy sessions.

The price of nursing homes in Colorado Springs

Skilled nursing care is rarely cheap, but nursing homes in the Colorado Springs area tend to be slightly less expensive than similar facilities nationwide. In 2015, the median monthly rate for a room in a Colorado Springs nursing home was $6844 for semi-private lodging and $7330 for private quarters. The national median cost of a semi-private room was $6692, while a private room cost around $7604 per month.

Even though Colorado Springs is home to affordable nursing care, many seniors still find it challenging to come up with several thousand dollars each month to cover their bills. Residents with long-term care insurance may be able to pay for services through policy payouts, while other seniors choose to sell their home or take out a reverse mortgage to pay for care. Seniors with a low income and limited assets should look into the Colorado Medicaid program to see if they are eligible to save money in a Medicaid certified nursing facility.

The signs of a good nursing home

If you are thinking about settling down in the Colorado Springs area, you can find dozens of nursing homes to suit any lifestyle choice or budgetary constraint. During your search, keep in mind that you should stick only to nursing homes that are properly licensed and meticulously maintained. You can schedule a campus visit to make sure that a facility is clean, that the residents are well taken care of, and that the quality of food meets your expectations. If you are not sure where to begin in your search, speak with a senior care advisor or visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment webpage to learn more about nursing homes in your area.

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