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Colorado Springs In-Home Care

If you are considering in-home health care for your loved one, you are in luck. Colorado Springs offers dozens of options, and the median rate for a home health aide is $22 per hour. The average cost of in-home care is $176 per day compared to the average daily cost of $241 for a nursing home in Colorado.

Colorado Springs In-Home Care Companies

With the Baby Boomer generation moving past retirement age and into their 70s and 80s, more in-home care companies are opening in Colorado Springs. You can read and compare online reviews to learn more about specific services that seniors receive. The following is a few from that give you a brief overview of the types of services family members are looking for in a company.

From the son of a client at FirstLight HomeCare of Colorado Springs regarding the personal attention a client receives: “In addition to more personal, regular attention than the assisted living facility could provide, FirstLight was able to recognize a declining condition before the facility acknowledged the problem. They were professional in working with the facility staff in a cooperative manner.”

From the son of a client at Interim Healthcare regarding hiring an in-home care company and paying for care: “We should have hired in-home care years ago rather than try to manage the mobility and personal care issues as untrained family members. If you live in Colorado, be sure to check with your Area Agency on Aging as they often have grant money to pay for in-home care.”

How In-Home Care Can Save You Time

In-home care doesn’t have to be full-time to count. Many Colorado Springs residents use part-time in-home care to cover those times a caregiver must go to work or as respite care. You can work cooperatively with an agency to provide your loved one with the best of both worlds. An aide can run errands and take care of light chores, saving you time and energy to focus on more important tasks.

How You Can Use In-Home Care Resources

In-home care companies provide you with screened, insured, and bonded aides, however, there are other resources you can choose from to fit your family.

Hire a caregiver not associated with a company. You may find it less expensive to hire a friend or family member for the caregiver role. Many Department of Aging and Disability Services offer training and education for family members assuming the role.

Use an in-home care company for respite care. Consider using an agency for respite care when your caregiver needs time off. To stay healthy, it is essential that you and/or the caregiver rest. By investing in a company per diem, you can have an aide sent to your home during a crisis to assume care.

Hire a senior concierge service to provide transportation and for small tasks. Services, like Envoy, can help your senior by running errands, grocery shopping, putting away the groceries, taking out the trash, and even changing light bulbs.

Be diligent when researching and comparing in-home care companies and concierge services. You can find plenty of reviews online and learn more through the Better Business Bureau. Ask your family, friends, and other seniors about services they recommend.

How You Can Cover In-Home Care Costs

Colorado’s Medicaid Program will cover in-home care if the cost is less than the cost of a nursing home. You will need to complete a Medicaid Waiver, also known as Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers, and confirm with a social worker that your loved one qualifies.

Medicare will cover in-home care, but the requirements are narrow. To qualify, your loved one must be under the care of a physician and be homebound. They can go to medical appointments or non-medical appointments for short periods of time. Your loved one must also require skilled nursing care as well as physical, occupational, or speech therapy. The in-home care agency you choose must be Medicare certified to qualify.

You can consider a reverse mortgage to help pay for care, if the senior owns their home. Long-term care policies will pay for care. If your loved one is a veteran or the surviving spouse, then the VA Aid and Attendance pension can cover the monthly cost of care. Consult with a financial advisor or senior care planner to learn about more ways to cover in-home care costs.

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