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Colorado Springs Concierge Services

When you have the opportunity to stay at a nice hotel, there are many things you can choose to do for yourself, but it’s often easier and less stressful to make a visit to the concierge desk to get some assistance. Things work much the same way for seniors. There are a lot of things they can do for themselves. When seniors are able to get some assistance for the things they struggle with, it helps them reserve their energy to tackle the tasks that they feel better equipped to manage. Colorado Springs offers many helpful concierge services to help seniors manage their daily lives.

On the Fly Errand Service helps seniors with non-medical services such as running errands, shopping for groceries, doing light chores, and checking in on them. The service will also pick up food from a favorite restaurant of fast food place and deliver it. The service will trade or barter for other services.

We Deliver Things is a service that you can send a driver most anywhere to get what you need. Send a driver to do your grocery shopping, pick up a meal at your favorite restaurant, buy a gift for someone, get your car fixed or detailed, make a run to the hardware store, or have a party catered.

HomeShop Delivery by Kroger’s is a service where seniors can order their groceries online and get the same selection that they’d get if they were shopping in the store, including beer, wine, and spirits. Seniors can also order flower delivery for themselves or someone else. Seniors who wish to plan a party or event can use Kroger’s deli, bakery, or floral services, ordering them online. Seniors can select their delivery time and receive their items right at their door.

Walmart Grocery is another grocery service where seniors can shop anytime, anywhere. They can select a convenient time to pick up their groceries in the store or have them delivered to their homes. Food experts pick the freshest items and will load the car for those who choose to pick up their items themselves.

Hello Fresh is a unique service that sends out a box of grocery items, along with recipes. The food items in the box directly correspond to the recipes that are included. There’s no guessing because each ingredient is pre-measured to exactly the right amount, which means there is no waste. This also saves time in throwing out expired food and cleaning out the refrigerator.

Homefix is a company that offers help with home repair and maintenance. The service makes repairs in every room in the house. They also do door repairs, fence repairs, shower and bathroom repairs, perform home energy evaluations, construct additions, insulate attics, finished basements, repair roofs, paint rooms, do general handyman repairs, and much more. They provide a 5-year warranty on services and clean up thoroughly.

Colorado Springs has lots of services to help seniors with the things they can no longer do for themselves. Check other services by category for pet sitting, gardening, spa services, library services, and other community programs.

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