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Medicare in Cleveland

Cuyahoga County contains over 229,000 residents who were enrolled in Medicare in 2014, the majority of which were seniors over the age of 65. It’s common to have questions about the program, and if you’re wondering where to find answers for you or a loved one, you have a few different options in the Cleveland area that can help. Whether you’re wondering about the Medicare program itself, have questions on applying for the program, or are looking for a hospital, doctor, or nursing home that accepts patients with Medicare, you’ll find in-person and online resources that can help.

Quick guide to how Medicare coverage works

The Medicare insurance program is open to Americans ages 65 and older who live in the US. The federal program may also provide coverage for adults who are not seniors if they have a qualifying medical condition. There are four core parts that provide coverage: Parts A, B, C, and D. Part A pays claims for hospital care, skilled nursing or home healthcare in qualifying situations, and hospice care. Part B pays claims for visits to your doctor, outpatient services that meet qualifying conditions, well checks, and needed medical supplies. Part C is the Medicare Advantage program. This optional program is offered through a private insurer and will provide your Parts A and B through the program and often will offer a prescription drug plan as well. Part D pays your prescription medication insurance claims and is an optional addition to the core Medicare program benefits.

Medicare beneficiary summary for Cleveland

229,248 Cuyahoga residents had Medicare as their insurance in 2014. 71 years old was the average age of Medicare recipients in Cuyahoga County in 2014. 39% of the insurance paid by Medicare in Duval County went towards inpatient care. Five percent of the insurance paid by Medicare in Duval County went towards home healthcare. 11% of the insurance paid by Medicare in Duval County went towards skilled nursing care.

Cleveland Medicare in person help

Questions about the Medicare program are best answered in person at a local Social Security office. Staff can assist you with understanding your benefits, submitting your application for the program, or with other questions. There are several office locations in the area. You can find help at:

Address: 1240 E 9th St #793, Cleveland, OH 44199 Phone:(800) 772-1213

Address: 15250 S Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, OH 44110 Phone:(800) 772-1213

Address: 7517 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102 Phone:(800) 772-1213

You can input your zip code here to determine which of these or other offices in the area are the most convenient to your location.

Searching for Cleveland Medicare providers

The Medicare website has a comprehensive online tool that makes finding a provider in your area simple. By entering in your search criteria like location, desired specialty like geriatric or family medicine, and if the doctor accepts Medicare assignment, you’ll access a list of providers in the area who take patients with Medicare. Keep in mind, if you choose a doctor who accepts Medicare but not assignment, you may end up with additional costs that aren’t covered by your insurance for your appointment. The search feature has clickable links for each doctor that will take you to a page with detailed information on their practice, how to contact them, hospitals where they have privileges, and allows you to compare them against other doctors within their practice. Eventually, the tool will be expanded to allow a side-by-side comparison among doctors in different practices.

The website also offers other search tools to help you find nursing homes, home healthcare, dialysis centers, and medical equipment and supplies that are covered by Medicare.

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