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Medicaid in Cleveland

The state of Ohio is home to more than 11 million residents, making it the seventh most populous state in the nation. Approximately 15 percent of the population of the state is over the age of 65. This equates to approximately 1.7 million residents. In the state, the largest number of enrollees in Medicaid is children; however, the elderly and those with disabilities account for the largest amount of Medicaid spending. The average spending for each person (senior or disabled) was $6,272, which is higher than the national average.

With so many seniors relying on this health coverage, learning a bit more about it can be beneficial. Applying for and acquiring Medicaid benefits is not always easy, which is why it is a good idea to learn as much as possible ahead of time. The information here can help seniors, and their families know where to go and what to do to acquire the medical coverage they need for their long-term health and care needs.

Qualifying for Medicaid in Cleveland

Those over the age of 65 who meet asset, income and residency requirements are typically approved for Medicaid coverage. Other factors that are taken into consideration include medical expenses, household expenses, and in some case additional verification is necessary. It is important to note that assets such as the seniors home and vehicle will not be included in this assessment.

Assistance to apply or make a claim for Medicaid

Applications for Medicaid are available at the Department of Social Services during their regular operation hours. There are people on site who can provide assistance with the application process. For those who need more help or information with the process, they can contact the Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program, or OSHIIP by calling 1-800-686-1578. There are also hands-on check-up events hosted by the Department of Insurance, where seniors can meet with Medicaid experts and receive unbiased and accurate information.

Covered services by Medicaid in Cleveland

The services that are offered by Medicaid coverage will be based on what the recipient is qualified for. In Ohio, there are four waiver programs offered. They include: Residential facility Individual options PASSPORT Ohio Home Care

Each of these programs serves a person with a particular need. The specialty program for seniors is the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly or PACE. This provides care for seniors who are over the age of 55. Once approved, coverage will take care of costs and expenses such as in and outpatient care, lab testing, dental care and the other services that are typically covered by Medicaid.

Getting around – vehicle services offered to Medicaid recipients

There are several services in the Cleveland area that provide non-emergency transportation services for seniors who have been qualified for Medicaid benefits. These services need to be verified ahead of time to ensure they are covered. They will provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, therapy, the pharmacy and other medical related locations.

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