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How to Get Around Cleveland Without Driving

Many of us equate being able to drive as freedom and it is because we can go where we want when we want. Yet, as we age, we might not be able to drive as much or at all and some might not even have a car to get around. No matter where you need to go or when you can find some form of transportation, there are plenty of transportation options in Cleveland including public transportation and even some ridesharing options.

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

You can use the public transportation services of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) to make your way all around Cleveland. RTA offers buses, trains, trolleys, and paratransit for all of Cleveland. Paratransit buses are provided to seniors who have disabilities and might not be able to use regular service buses for their traveling needs and these buses also make stops that aren’t on typical bus routes. No matter what type of public transportation services you choose, seniors 65 and older can ride at a discounted fare. All you have to do is get a senior pass and show a valid form of ID.

Taxi Options

Taxis are another option for seniors who need to get around town and they offer the benefit of being door-to-door so you don’t have to walk to your destination from a bus stop. There are a few different companies operating in Cleveland such as Ace Taxi, Cleveland Taxi, and ABC Taxi Company. Most taxi services will allow you to schedule your ride in advance and they can provide both short and long distance transportation.

Uber And Lyft

Ride sharing services are becoming more popular and are available in most cities. Uber and Lyft are two of the biggest companies and they offer services in Cleveland. You can schedule a ride online or through their app if you have a smartphone. These services are nice for families with older loved ones because they can handle arranging a ride no matter where they are. The fees and charging for these services are a little different and will increase when it comes to peak traveling times so make sure you arrange accordingly.

In-Home Caregiver Transportation

You might be able to use your in-home caregiver as a form of transportation if they offer those services to their clients. This can be a really great way for seniors to get around because they already know their caregivers and will always be with someone who can handle their needs if an emergency should come up. Caring Tree, Home Helpers, and Harmony Home Care all offer transportation services to their clients in Cleveland.

Senior Transportation Connection

Senior Transportation Connection is a not-for-profit organization that serves the people of Cuyahoga County, including Cleveland. This service is for any rider that has mobility challenges due to age, frailty, disability, or lack of access to transportation. This service can take you anywhere you need to go whether that is to the grocery store or the doctor.

Senior Transportation Connection also works with each community to help set fair rates and routes. Each driver with this organization is trained how to help seniors who use a walker, cane or wheelchair, which most of the seniors they serve use, as well as help with up to five parcels while shopping. The drivers are also certified in CPR and complete the National Safety Council defensive driving training. You can call 800-983-4782 to find out more information or enroll in the program.

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